We enable digital innovation through legacy transformation, IoT and cloud technologies. We unlock the value of technology to improve efficiency and scale.

Case studies

We create digital solutions that help companies stay ahead of the game. See how Euristiq helps companies adopt digital ways of doing business.


With a data-driven strategy and a result-oriented process, we deliver software solutions 20-30% faster than the industry average.

Why we are different

With data-driven strategy and result-oriented development process, we deliver custom software solutions faster than the industry average and with minimized risks for the client.

Result-oriented process

Our approach to software development ensures predictable deliverables, fast project ramp-up and a scalable solution.

Development flexibility

Our change management procedure gives our clients complete flexibility in terms of scope during the development.

Euristiq Code Framework

Euristiq invests in its internal codebase which enables us to jumpstart the project and reduce time-to-market by 20-30%.

12 months warranty

We deliver software solutions of the highest quality, therefore we guarantee one year of free bug fixing after the project release.

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