A whole year has passed since russia launched a full-scale, violent invasion that torments Ukrainians daily.

The russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for eight years by February 24, 2022, but it was mostly a “frozen” conflict that took the lives of our military, with the Crimea peninsula annexed and a part of Donbas occupied. Nevertheless, we, as well as the whole world, came to be astonished by the brutal invasion.

We remember the day clearly – what we were doing when it all broke out, how the air raid sirens were blasting, the reports of missile attacks, and how martial law was declared in the country.

We’ve been hiding in shelters and transformed our fear and anger into donations to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We cried our eyes out and were grief-stricken at the horrible news of the cruise missile strikes at our cities and the unspeakable cruelty of russian soldiers committing endless war crimes.

During this year, Ukraine has not only withstood but proved to be brave and ingenious in its defense of civilizational values. We stopped the tanks with our bare hands and said “go f**k yourself” to the russian warship. We’ve had our wins on the battlefields, drew away the invaders from the capital in the north of the country, and felt the euphoria from recaptured Kherson and the territory near Kharkiv region. The war goes on and it might not end anytime soon. But we survived the darkest year of our lives and there is no more fear.

How we are doing now

Among all of this, we continued living our “new normal” lives, celebrated birthdays and weddings, went on vacations, and kept on working – submitted code, tested it, delivered software solutions, and supported the products after their release, keeping promises to our clients of being a reliable vendor.

Our office became the place we gathered together not only to work but to do something useful for our defenders. We learned to find joy in simply spending our time together. And in the weeks of scheduled power outages, we loved our office even more because with power generators it became an unfailing source of light.

Now, despite the gloomy winter, things started to look up. Our electricians somehow managed to fix the critical civil infrastructure that was hit by russian missiles and power outages are now rare. The streets are lit and once again free of generator buzzing.

About Euristiq

Euristiq life during 2022

2022 became a year full of hardships and challenges for all Ukrainian businesses. Yet, we managed not only to survive but to grow as a business by 60% compared to the planned 50%.

We have delivered on all our commitments and have signed new contracts for software development projects. It couldn’t have been possible without our clients, whose tremendous support we have felt throughout the last year. We are truly grateful.

As a company, in 2022, we have donated all our profits to help Ukraine win, and for 2023 we have decided to do the same. Everyone in Ukraine, as well as all the civilized world, should aim to do everything in their power to help Ukraine defend itself, defend human values, and stop the russian aggression from ruining the world order.

As our president Volodymyr Zelenskyy once said, “Light always prevails over darkness, and truth – over falsehoods. That is why our invincible nation will overcome all challenges and ultimately prevail.”

And until then, we keep calm and carry on doing what we do best – delivering top-notch software solutions.

  • Author Ivan Muts
  • Published February 24, 2023
  • Category News
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