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Our Values

We believe that with the right attitude, enthusiasm and faith in Euristiq’s values, our employees can make every customer happy


We value trust as a major component of our success, both with our customers and our team members. If you can’t confide your project into your partner, the result will hardly be good.

Sky's The Limit

Persistence is what we cherish most when it comes to solving problems, not giving up and pushing limits.


We believe that curiosity is an essential trait for growth and development. We employ seekers and encourage ourselves to never stop improving.


To be an actual software engineer, you’d have to understand how mathematics or physics work. And these are the kind of people we hire.


Euristiq was founded by two seasoned software development experts and ex groupmates who dreamt of building impressive solutions with the help of excellent tech professionals.

 Ivan Muts, CEO

Ivan holds two Master’s degrees: one in applied mathematics and informatics and another in technology management. Having worked in the tech outsourcing business for over 10 years and delivered projects for Fortune 500 clients, Ivan has grown from a software engineer to a senior manager. Ivan has a passion for both technology and business and believes that one cannot succeed without the other.

 Pavlo Tkhir, CTO

Pavlo holds a Master’s degree in applied mathematics and informatics. Recognized as one of the best graduates of his class, Pavlo is a real geek, in the best sense of the word. He has more than 10 years of professional software engineering experience and was the lead architect for very complex enterprise systems, which proves Pavlo’s technical excellence.

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