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Application Development

We offer end-to-end application development services for our clients, transforming their product concepts into fully functional software solutions. From project discovery and planning to validation, testing, and deployment, we’re committed to delivering the applications your customers desire.
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What we do

Build software solutions optimized for easy scalability, data processing, and automation while achieving compliance with industry standards. Choose end-to-end development services that best align with your technology needs.
IT, app development

Next-gen document verification service used by a Govenment of Canada

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Custom software applications

Boost your infrastructure with cloud capabilities, advanced microservices, and API integrations. We offer custom software platform development services focused on high availability and scalability, ensuring tangible results at every milestone.
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Financing, app development

Matching sponsors, dept advisors and lenders with real estate finance application

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Enterprise application development

Achieve operational efficiency for your enterprise meeting complex business requirements. Streamline internal processes, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability. Our enterprise-level application development service is designed to solve the unique challenges of your business.
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IoT, app development

Changing the way to manage street lights with easy-operating application

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Fully working MVP or PoC

Validate your software product idea by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof-of-concept. Leverage our technical expertise to turn your concept into a fully working solution that reaches the market faster.
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IoT, web engineering

Efficient workplace management and meetingroom utilization with IoT-based app

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IoT development

We provide full cycle IoT software development services, spanning from initial ideation to market-ready deployment. We cover UI/UX design, testing, deployment, and maintenance, ensuring that your custom IoT application is reliable and user-friendly.
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Construction, web engineering

Subscription-based web app for construction budgeting and forecusting

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Cloud-native app development

Embark on your cloud-native journey with us to ensure scalability and resilience of your applications from the start. We’re here to guide you from the initial ideation all the way to implementation, helping you achieve your targeted business results.
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End-to-end app development includes

commercial real estate app development for Fundre by euristiq

How we work


In the Presale stage of each end-to-end app development project, we aim to establish a mutual understanding with the client. This stage marks the beginning of our collaboration, where our primary objective is to elicit the client’s core business needs, pain points, and constraints, including scope, timeline, and budget. We also identify potential opportunities and provide a high-level project overview, along with a ballpark time and cost estimate.


Our risk-free project discovery establishes a solid foundation for software development. We conduct a series of interviews and workshops with the client to define the project, its scope, and technical constraints, and to prepare a customized proposal.

The main outcomes of the Discovery are:

  • Solution concept vision
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Solution architecture
  • Proposed UI/UX design concepts
  • Project roadmap with the detailed timeline
  • Feature-based project cost estimate


The subsequent stage in our end-to-end application development involves a detailed technical estimation for project delivery. We present the client with a project roadmap, accompanied by a feature-based cost estimate.

Each feature is separately estimated to offer the client maximum business flexibility. The primary objective of this stage is to present to the client our technical approach to achieving the desired business outcomes. Once the client accepts our proposal, we sign the contract and launch the project.


Project development is done in milestones and according to the project roadmap. Euristiq regularly invests in its Code Framework and software development approaches. This enables us to start the project within 2 weeks after it is signed, deliver the first milestone 1 month after the start, and reduce time-to-market by 20-30%.

To stay flexible we use the combination of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. This allows us to receive and act early upon feedback, and at the same time to have strict deliverables and timelines.

The project is segmented into milestones, each spanning 4-6 weeks. These milestones reflect both business priorities and technical dependencies. The client reviews and accepts each milestone, with the flexibility to raise concerns or queries. Furthermore, through our Change Management Process, clients can influence the project scope.

Change Management Process

Our end-to-end software development process includes a Change Management mechanism our clients can use to suggest changes to the project scope. During the development, the client has control, flexibility, and influence to make changes.

Any change to the scope is processed as a Change Request where we evaluate the impact on the budget and the timeline and provide it to the client for approval.

As a result, the client benefits from a transparent and predictable price and timeline from the start, coupled with complete flexibility in terms of scope during the development.

Release and support

We are not only developing a product with you but also providing technical support and maintenance after the product’s release.

To ensure a flawless application transition from Euristiq to the client, all architectural components are documented, and all source code is transferred to the client’s version control system.

We guarantee a 12-month warranty period, continuous maintenance, and support if needed.

Key facts

Bring game-changing software applications to market faster.

Months warranty

We guarantee 1 year of free bug fixing after the project release
Our expertise


Euristiq invests in its internal codebase which enables us to reduce time-to-market by up to 20%-30%
Client care


Euristiq has the highest “A” insurance coverage from companies recognized by A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings

NPS Score

Our 2022 customer success metric
CEO, Ivan Muts

“We share your project risks maintaining high-standard approaches in security, scalability, availability, and maintainability.”

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result-oriented team

Build outstanding digital products with dedicated end-to-end application development company by your side.

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euristiq software development experts
euristiq software development experts


project discovery

Within 2-4 weeks get project estimates, including time, budget, and the full set of technical documentation.

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What our clients say

The team’s outstanding commitment to the project, despite challenging circumstances, stands out.
CEO, Heart Zones
Not only are they committed to meeting the business’ needs, but they are also willing to go above and beyond to do so.
VP of Technology, Avast
Euristiq delivered the work on time and as expected, even when our requirements changed throughout the project.
Technology Manager, Novalume

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