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Case Study

Optimizing Field Service with IoT


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    Software engineering


    An international company that develops and manufactures advanced energy-efficient LED lighting solutions requested an IoT mobile application development for device management to help with field service of lighting assets – task management and new device installation. We created an Android-based mobile app that is a part of the IoT smart city software solution we built earlier. It is integrated into the system, visualizing the entire street light installations and monitoring its operations. Thanks to this solution, lighting assets installation and maintenance is much simpler for field crews.

    • Developed an Android-based IoT mobile app for connected lighting assets management and installation in 6 months
    • Simplifies lighting installation and maintenance process for field crews
    • Smooth integration with the existing ecosystem of a smart city solution
    case study iot mobile app development for novalume by euristiq


    The Euristiq team developed a fully working Android app in 6 months. The app is designed to help field workers with easier management of street nodes. By providing insights into light consumption and intensity, our app enables municipalities and organizations to make data-driven decisions aimed at reducing energy usage and minimizing light pollution.

    Manages connected devices

    The IoT system gives on-the-go access for tracking and controlling streetlight property configurations, including tasks such as Install, Replace, Update, or Remove. In addition to front-end and back-end development, we have also covered UI/UX design and quality assurance.

    Stores data from 2m units

    Our Android-based IoT mobile app collects vast amounts of metric data from across the globe and features a plugin system for connecting with multiple device vendors. It can evaluate the consumption and intensity of light emitted by street lamps, both individually and in groups.

    Optimizes field service

    Integrated into the system, the mobile application facilitates easy and swift configuration of the connected network and cost-effective installation of new nodes in the field. For instance, new device installations can be tracked in the app through device scanning (QR code or NFC), location setting, property information input, and light profile uploading. The system can also assess the consumption and intensity of light emitted by luminaires, both individually and in groups.

    iot device management app for novalume by euristiq


    As a result of our IoT mobile app development project, we delivered a valuable tool designed to enhance the field service of lighting assets produced by our client. This app seamlessly synchronizes with the cloud-based maintenance and service platform, creating a cohesive and efficient ecosystem.

    Being a part of a larger IoT system, this application plays a pivotal role in streamlining the configuration of connected networks and facilitating cost-effective installations of new nodes in the field. Field maintenance crews now can effortlessly access and prioritize their assigned maintenance tasks, contributing to a more organized and effective workflow.

    Project scope


    1. IoT mobile app development
    2. Decision on the technical stack
    3. Architecture engineering
    4. UI/UX design
    5. Front-end development
    6. Back-end development
    7. Requirements elaboration
    8. Quality assurance


    • Java
    • Hibernate
    • Android SDK
    • Dagger 2
    • RxJava
    • Retrofit
    • NFC
    • Camera API
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging
    • Firebase ML Kit
    • Google Places
    • Google Maps

    Client testimonial

    The app development fulfilled requirements and was completed on time. The platform allows for future enhancements and functions as expected. The Euristiq team was an effective partner and willing to put in extra work to deliver a strong product.
    IT Manager at Smart City Solutions

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