Android App as a Part of IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

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A fully working mobile app for IoT device management developed by 1 engineer in 6 months

Industry: IoT, Smart City
Location: Denmark


An international company that develops and manufactures advanced energy-efficient LED lighting solutions needed us to create an Android app for IoT device management to help with field service of lighting assets – task management and new device installation. It is a part of the IoT smart city solution we've built earlier. The app is integrated into the system that allows visualizing the entire street light installation and monitoring its operation.

Tools and Technologies

Android SDKDagger 2RxJavaRetrofitNFCCamera APIFirebase Cloud MessagingFirebase ML KitGoogle PlacesGoogle Maps


Inefficient electricity use and maintenance of city street lamps

A smart solution of our client that helps with city light management required a mobile application to simplify the lighting assets installation process and maintenance for field crews. The Android app had to track 2m connected devices all over the world, collect and store vast amounts of metric data, have a plugin system to connect multiple device vendors, and be a part of high current, high load smart city IoT solution.


An Android app for IoT device management and installation

One Euristiq engineer developed a fully working Android app for iot device management in 6 months.

Apart from front-end and back-end development, we’ve also covered UI/UX design and quality assurance. This mobile application is used for service tasks management and new lighting assets installation.

The app helps track and control configurations of streetlight properties in such tasks as Install, Replace, Update, or Remove. New device installation, for example, is tracked in the app via device scanning (QR-code or NFC), location setting, properties information filling, and light profile uploading.

The application is integrated into the system that allows visualizing the entire street light installation and monitoring its operation. It can also evaluate the consumption and intensity of the light emitted from the street lamp, individually or in groups.


Optimized field maintenance and deployment of lighting assets

This Android application is a tool for field service of lighting assets manufactured by our client. The app is synchronized with the maintenance and service platform in the cloud.

Being a part of a larger IoT solution, it helps with an easy and fast configuration of the connected network and cost-effective field installation of new nodes. Field maintenance crews can easily look through assigned maintenance work and its priority.

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