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Reinforcement of Green Mobility in Europe


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    Software engineering


    A Danish e-bike rental provider approached Euristiq with an idea to develop a smart bike rental software solution with no analogs on the market. This system had to provide easy management of electric bicycles. Our task was to design scalable architecture from scratch, taking into account time to market, which was critical. We helped our client with bike rental application development and in 3 months the solution went live in several European cities.

    • Developed a bike rental software in 3 months with a team of 3 members
    • A fully implemented solution, now more than 6 years in production
    • 200K+ app users and 1.5M+ trips taken during a few first months
    bike rental system gobike


    The client approached us with the concept of a bike rental management system. In the course of 3 months, we transformed their idea into a fully operational system, developed from the ground up, with a scalable architecture.

    The implemented system functions in multiple cities and has a variety of features such as bike tracking and management, real-time map visualization, booking management, repair management, and interactive user support.

    Intelligent and scalable software solutions for bike rental

    Our team of three engineers collaborated with our client to create a complex bike rental management system that consists of the administration website and a mobile app for users. It offers a real-time overview, displaying the current location and status of all bikes in operation. This view allows for a quick assessment of the entire bike fleet, including docked bikes and those currently in use. Furthermore, our Administration Website includes notification and reporting tools that empower operators to efficiently manage the system.

    An Android app for bike tablets

    The bikes come equipped with an integrated tablet PC. This onboard tablet, complete with a built-in GPS, allows users to plan routes around the town, and review their bookings, and it regularly relays information to the backend system. The backend, in turn, enables the help desk to closely monitor the system, track bike locations, and promptly resolve any issues that may arise.

    Flexible price management system

    Our bike rental software offers administrators the flexibility to effortlessly create various pricing plans, including daily, weekly, monthly, and custom subscription options. Additionally, it allows for price adjustments based on specific days, such as reducing rates on national holidays. The Accountant tools facilitate cash flow tracking and seamlessly integrate with the payment provider. High standards of secure and intuitive payment are achieved through the integration with the Altapay system.

    Smart redistribution system

    Moreover, our bike rental booking app helps users identify docking stations with a high or low amount of bikes. For enhanced maintenance efficiency, an automatic repair system gives administrators an opportunity to temporarily block bikes from being booked or removed from the system while they await pickup for necessary repairs.

    bike rental management system gobike by euristiq


    The sophisticated IoT solution for e-bike rentals comprises both an administration website and a user-friendly mobile app. Every e-bike is equipped with a GPS navigation system. Upon activation, users gain access to a map on their tablet, which displays their current location and assists in locating the nearest docking station. For administrators, the system offers a real-time overview that reveals the precise locations and operational statuses of all bikes. The system also has an integration with a payment platform, offering users a range of diverse pricing plans.

    This city bike rental system has been in production for over six years, and the IoT software has become the official urban bicycle booking system in the Danish metropolitan area. With more than 130 electric bike stations spread across Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and Rødovre, this system promotes green and healthy transport and helps reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.

    Project scope


    1. Architecture engineering
    2. UI/UX
    3. Integration with payment systems
    4. Front-end/back-end development
    5. Requirements elaboration
    6. Quality assurance
    7. Mobile app development


    • ASP.NET
    • MVC
    • SQL
    • Memcached
    • Android
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    • Altapay
    • Google Maps
    • StructureMap
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap

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