GoBike. Software Development for City Bike Rental System

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A smart bike rental system with more than 200K users and 1.5M trips in two years

Industry: Transportation
Location: Denmark


A Danish electrical bike rental provider approached Euristiq with an idea to develop a smart bike-sharing solution with no analogs on the market. Within 3 months and a team of 3 engineers, we helped our client to build GoBike, a smart bike rental system in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Utrecht, Frederiksberg, and Stavanger.

Key Results We Delivered

A city bike rental app users in two years.


Bike trips in two years using the IoT solution.

Tools and Technologies

ASP.NET MVCSQLEntity FrameworkMemcachedSASSAWSAndroidHTML/CSS/JavaScriptAltapayGoogle MapsAutoMapperStructureMap


Public bike rental software with no analogs on the market

The client came to us with an idea to develop GoBike, a smart bike rental system that had no similar solutions on the market. This system had to provide easy management of electric bicycles.

Our task was to design scalable architecture from scratch, taking into account time to market, which was critical.


An intelligent IoT software solution for bike rental system with an Android app

Within 3 months we helped our client to build a complex bike rental software for GoBike that can easily function in several cities: Copenhagen, Barcelona, Utrecht, Frederiksberg, and Stavanger.

The bikes were equipped with integrated tablets for easy renting. We programmed them and developed a custom bike rental software that monitors bikes, sends automatic updates to tablets, and collects regular reports from them. The attached tablets with built-in GPS  allow users via an Android app to register, add their payment details, plan routes around town, check bookings, and send information about malfunctions. 

The GoBike system’s backend contains help desk that tracks the bike’s location, quickly resolves issues and helps users with the system. The system supports a comprehensive bike maintenance functionality that allows admins to block bikes from being booked or taken while they are waiting to be picked up for repairs. 

User payment transactions are supported by a secure and safe payment provider – “Altapay”. A flexible price management system allows admins to easily create custom price plans, products, etc. The system offers users daily, weekly, monthly and yearly subscription plans, and also special prices (for example, lower the prices on national holidays).

Another feature of the system is bike redistribution that helps to identify docking stations with a high or low amount of bikes so that the staff can easily build their route to manually collect and redistribute bikes. 


Reinforcement of green mobility in several European cities with a city bike rental system

The system went live in 3 months with a team of 3 members. Within the first two years of launch, the GoBike acquired more than 200k users who have made more than 1.5M trips.

Now the city bike rental system is more than six years in production, and the IoT solution became the official urban bicycle system in the Danish metropolitan area. There are more than 130 electric bike stations across Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and Rødovre. The system promotes green and healthy transport and helps reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.

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