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Case Study

Better Intelligence for Business Insurance


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    The client approached Euristiq for R&D digital consulting regarding a new business intelligence software tailored for insurance companies that cater to the transportation and logistics sectors. During the project discovery phase, we tackled numerous challenges. Among the most significant was validating the technical feasibility of creating the solution and estimating the overall development cost.

    Our responsibilities included selecting the most suitable dash cameras that would meet the majority of the project’s requirements, designing an architecture for the solution that could handle the processing of vast amounts of data in real-time, and ensuring scalability both geographically and in terms of device count, scaling up to tens of thousands of units.

    • Performed a project discovery for an insurance company building business intelligence software for the transportation and logistics industry
    • Offered customizable business process automation software for insurance companies
    • Developed technical requirements and project roadmap for a platform that analyzes telemetrics data
    • Detailed technical architecture with UI mockups and a feature-based cost and time evaluation
    • As a result, 50% of costs were saved during the product development
    business insurance software development by euristiq


    The Discovery service sprint started with a series of calls and workshops with the client to help us better understand the business requirements and the client’s needs.

    PoC of the solution

    The Euristiq team created a PoC of the solution to test whether the selected cameras correspond to the solution’s requirements. We delved into the business logic of a solution and the needs of the product’s users. Then we decided on the number of user roles and the business flow of the platform. This allowed us to transform gathered data into UI mockups of a future web app.

    Functional and technical analysis

    Building complex telematics software solutions from scratch requires detailed functional and technical analysis of a software application. The Discovery mapped out the development process and created an overall vision of the final product. It allowed the client to gain a deeper understanding of product development, identify risks, and outline the development stages, including the cost, time frame, and architecture design.

    SRS document

    We produced a detailed SRS document that included UI mockups of an intelligence software for insurance business and described the whole development process. It also contained an accurate feature-based cost and time evaluation.

    business insurance project discovery by euristiq


    The client is in the insurance business and is a domain expert in this field, thus creating a software platform for themselves and licensing it to other insurance companies is a big step forward in expanding the business.

    The project Discovery mapped out the development process and created an overall vision of the final business intelligence software for an insurance company. The client received a clear understanding of what the final insurance business intelligence software will look like and detailed steps of how to get there. The confidence that the client’s expectations cannot fall short, gave them trust and excluded the necessity of daily syncs.

    Euristiq continued with the project development that came after. Our Discovery for this client lasted for 1.5 months and allowed them to save half of the costs by focusing in the first release on what matters most.

    Project scope


    1. Project discovery
    2. A decision on the technical stack
    3. Architecture engineering
    4. UI/UX design
    5. Technical consulting
    6. Requirements elaboration


    • SRS documentation
    • UX/UI wireframes
    • Software architecture design
    • Proposed tech stack
    • Project roadmap
    • Cost proposal with time estimates

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