Document generation and cloud storage solution that saves £400k per year

Industry: Fintech
Location: United Kingdom


The client is a large investment company based in London. Our engineers helped to develop a back-end of an automated document management software for the client’s internal system thus introducing cloud acceleration and digital transformation to the enterprise. The system collects data from different sources and generates differently structured letters automatically.

Key results
we delivered

An automated document management
solution that saves
£400K per year.

Tools and technologies

NET Core
Entity Framework Core
Microsoft Azure
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Storage Queue
Azure WebJob
Entity Framework Core Code First


Time-consuming and expensive paper documentation

The client has a big set of microservices and data storages communicating with each other within different projects.

These projects are in finance, property, healthcare, renewable energy, and charity domains. The law requires the client to back up every operation by a contract, letter, documents, etc. Handling this task manually is extremely difficult and costly.

The main idea of the client was to create a cloud-based document management software for creating and forming request/response letters for their clients that has a similar structure, but different content. The system has to use internal company services for collecting data, processing it, and forming a letter based on it.


A high-concurrent solution that automatically generates the company’s documents

Once the client started the collaboration with Euristiq, our engineers became engaged in several projects. An automated documents generating solution is one of them and had a top priority for the client.

We started with decisions on the technical stack and requirements elaboration. The solution had to use a list of internal services of the company to collect data from different sources and form differently structured letters, documents, and even brochures. This data is of a very sensitive nature as it contains private financial information, that’s why we paid additional attention to the security of a solution. The automated document management solution can boast a fully designed server architecture developed by Euristiq engineers. 

Created documents are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time by the user: to send, to print, or just to check. Printing companies can easily extract these generated files from the specific folder in cloud storage – they have access only to the documents that they should have access to.

During the development we faced a few difficulties: we had to create a solution to generate pdf files with images, tables and dynamic data using the free tools. That was a bit challenging as not every tool is perfect and has everything we needed at that time. So it has taken a while to find the one that fully covers our needs.


Our engineers successfully introduced document management software for the client

High-concurrent solution

The automated document generating solution has entered production and is used by client’s internal system. It is estimated that the organization saves nearly £400k of its expenses a year thanks to cloud adoption and digital transformation.

Fast ramp-up of the team

In just two weeks after the start of our collaboration, Euristiq engineers were integrated into the client’s team. Our engineers delivered excellent results and were simultaneously engaged in two other projects for this client.

Fully designed server architecture

Following best practices, we have introduced reliable, highly scalable and maintainable architecture to our client based on widely used event sourcing/event streaming patterns and platforms.

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