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Unleashing Automation for Investments


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    Financial and investment services companies frequently deal with an abundance of paperwork and documentation that includes highly sensitive personal and business data. To address these challenges, financial document automation offers a viable solution. However, it is critically important that such automation is executed with extra consideration for privacy protection and cybersecurity.

    Our client is a large investment company based in London. Virtually every facet of their operations has to be backed up with contracts, letters, or documents. Manual management of this task is not only exceedingly arduous but also financially burdensome. To tackle this issue, Euristiq engineers collaborated with the client to devise an automated document management software tailored to their internal systems providing cloud development services.

    The solution was designed to use the company’s internal services, aggregating data from different sources and composing variously structured letters, documents, and even brochures. The sensitivity of this data, which contains private financial information, demanded a special attention to the security of a solution.

    • Worked side-by-side with the client to create an automated document management and cloud storage solution
    • We fully designed server architecture, enabling high concurrency, security, and scalability
    • The system saves the client £400k a year
    document management software case study Octopus by Euristiq


    We began our collaboration integrating into the client’s team. In just two weeks, Euristiq engineers started delivering excellent results and were simultaneously engaged in two other projects for this client. The development of an automated document generation solution stood out as a primary focus and priority for the client.

    Introducing digitalization for an investment company

    The client leads multiple projects in finance, property, healthcare, renewable energy, and charity domains. Managing paperwork manually proved to be excessively time-consuming and costly.

    Euristiq modernized legacy software, moving document generation and storage to the cloud. Our team handled both frontend and backend development. Together with the client, we co-created an automated, cloud based document management software that forms the request/response letters, eliminating the need for laborious manual document creation and speeding up information sharing across multiple departments.

    Storing documents in the cloud not only streamlines operations but also prevents fraud, and results in significant cost savings for our client in terms of document management expenses.

    A high-concurrent scalable solution with a fully designed server architecture

    The cloud DMS can boast a fully designed server architecture developed by Euristiq engineers.

    The generated documents are stored in the cloud and are accessible to users at any time for sending, printing, or review. The printing company can easily extract these generated files from the specific folder in the cloud storage – they have access only to the documents they are authorized to view.

    Following best practices, we have implemented reliable, highly scalable, and maintainable architecture to our client based on widely used event sourcing/event streaming patterns and platforms.

    Automatic generation of the company’s documents

    Financial companies must be agile in responding to market shifts, and automated document generation proves to be a valuable asset in such scenarios.

    The document management system uses internal company services for collecting data from different sources to form differently structured letters, documents, and even brochures. Given the sensitive nature of the data the system manages, which includes private financial information, the software incorporates enhanced security measures.

    cloud document management software for octopus by euristiq


    In close collaboration with the client, we have successfully delivered a solution that addresses one of the most critical pain points faced by financial enterprises that have been years on the market – legacy document handling systems.

    The cloud-based document management software we developed has been deployed in production and is actively used by the client, resulting in increased overall efficiency and the streamlining of internal processes.

    It is estimated that this digital transformation decision is saving the organization more than £400K annually.

    Project scope


    1. Architecture engineering
    2. Front-end/back-end development
    3. Requirements elaboration
    4. Cloud adoption
    5. Legacy system modernization


    • .NET Core
    • WEB.API
    • SQL
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Fluid.Core
    • WeasyPrint
    • Dapper | Sentry
    • RabbitMq
    • Kafka
    • Hangfire
    • VSTS
    • Docker

    Client testimonial

    Euristiq has facilitated a successful partnership by providing highly qualified, knowledgeable, and ambitious resources. They accommodate internal project management preferences, such as working in sprints and using Azure DevOps, and remain flexible to working with different teams and technologies.
    VP of Engineering, Octopus Group
    United Kingdom

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