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Mastering Construction Budgeting


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    The client is a startup from the USA that came to Euristiq with the concept of pre-construction construction budgeting and forecasting software that enables efficient cost management. Utilizing our cloud development services, we developed a construction budgeting software solution that combines all necessary features for construction budget planning and management in one solution. The web app with the subscription model gives users the ability to track construction project costs and view the impacts of certain decisions on the final budget estimation.

    • Construction budgeting, forecasting and cost control software solution
    • A dynamic dashboard for budget predictions
    • Minimizes risks with construction budget planning
    • Full-fledged platform for cost estimating available on subscription
    construction budgeting software development for Vamest by Euristiq


    A lot of things can go awry in the construction business and budget planning is one of them. Construction project expenses are complex to plan, monitor, and track, because the prices can fluctuate and a lot of changes can be made on the go.

    Having one tool to manage project budgets is also critical to a construction project’s success. Our client who is in the construction business noticed a problem of having to use multiple tools to track project value (Excel, Power BI, etc.). That approach for maintaining key information is inconsistent, error-prone, not transparent for the end stakeholders, and eventually hinders the construction company’s efficiency. So the client approached Euristiq with the raw idea to create a subscription-based product that fits a very specific domain and solves such problems for other companies.

    We decided to move our client’s vision forward and create a single high-performing, user-friendly, and easy-to-adopt solution that streamlines construction budget planning.

    Construction budgeting software with an integrated payment system

    We provided platform development services, delivering a platform with a web app that combines all necessary features for construction budget planning and management. To enable the availability of the app to users on a subscription model, we integrated a Stripe payment system.

    Web app on AWS with a dynamic dashboard for budget predictions

    The web app deployed on AWS streamlines construction budget planning: tracks expenses, displays analytics and all changes to the final budget estimation in a customized dashboard, and allows file exporting in different formats (CVS, Excel, zip).

    Allows access to all user’s projects under one login

    One of the main features of the construction budgeting software solution is a user-friendly login system – we enabled access to different projects for the same user under one login so that all projects for that user are displayed in one interface, securely.

    construction budgeting and forecasting software development by euristiq for vamest


    The client recognized the challenges and complexities associated with construction projects and turned to us for assistance in organizing the process and mitigating risks related to costs through software. We successfully developed a system that streamlines the construction budgeting process and enables timely decision-making based on real-time project performance.

    Our team carefully selected the technology stack, designed, and built the solution from the ground up. We maintained regular discussions with the client to ensure the optimal implementation of the application. Considering the specific domain requirements and change requests, we developed both the backend and frontend, enhancing the solution with on-demand functionalities.

    After four months of development, the Euristiq team introduced a new product tailored to construction companies. This solution encompasses all the necessary features for construction budget planning, allowing users to access multiple projects seamlessly. The app is currently available for public use on a subscription-based model.

    Project scope


    1. A decision on the technical stack
    2. Integration with the payment system
    3. Architecture engineering
    4. Infrastructure development
    5. Front-end development
    6. back-end development
    7. QA
    8. Product management
    9. Technical consulting
    10. Requirements elaboration


    • Java
    • Hibernate
    • Spring Framework
    • DDD
    • CQRS
    • AWS
    • Stripe
    • AWS Fargate
    • AWS Cognito
    • AWS RDS
    • AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy
    • AWS Cloudfront
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • HTML/CSS/Typescript
    • Angular

    Client testimonial

    Extreme diligence and professionalism! The company is satisfied with the deliverables that the Euristiq team provides for them on a monthly basis. Each one was of high quality with evidence of thorough analysis that fits well with the user story. This means the team understands the goals that the company is trying to reach.
    Co-Founder, Pre-Construction Value Management
    New York, USA

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