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Next-Gen Document Verification


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    Euristiq collaborated with a leading digital ID and authentication provider to co-create a cutting-edge cloud service that securely processes and verifies personal information in real-time. This innovative solution streamlines consumer access to online services and applications, providing a trusted and convenient digital identity verification experience.


    As companies and organizations increasingly recognize the importance of fast and secure identity verification, the need for a trusted digital identity and document verification service becomes crucial. Our client seized this opportunity to create a product that offers the same level of trust as in-person transactions, mitigating the risks of fraud and identity theft in online interactions.

    • Developed a highly secure document verification service within a span of 7 months
    • Enables users to verify their identity by scanning a government-issued photo ID with their phone or through authentication using their online banking login credentials
    • Widely adopted by Canadian government and interbank network, financial institutions, and businesses
    • Ensures high privacy protection with no exchange of personal information with the government or the bank
    digital document verification service case study SecureKey by euristiq


    Document verification service

    Leveraging our software engineering expertise, the client collaborated closely with our team to deliver a robust digital document verification service (DVS). This service includes a desktop identity verification app that enables institutions, such as banks, to obtain verified personal data from scanned documents.

    Working hand-in-hand with our client, we developed the document verification service in just 7 months, leveraging secure, fast, scalable, and reliable Java application technologies. The solution seamlessly integrates online biometrics and document-checking technology with the client’s real-time authentication and verification technologies. Additionally, all stored information is encrypted to ensure maximum security.

    The core functionality of the service lies in its ability to extract essential personal information from document scans and validate it in real time. Users can confidently and securely assert their identity information digitally, while an audit log captures events in the database without collecting personal user information during the login process.

    Digital Hub

    Our client expanded their work on digital authentication solutions and we continued our collaboration to help them scale up and deliver.

    Together, we are working on the extension of this service. We helped integrate and further develop a Hub that combines the document verification capabilities of the document verification software with another client’s service that verifies identities using bank-issued credentials.

    A standout achievement within this project was the creation of a sophisticated matching algorithm. This tool compares verification data from various sources and provides a percentage-based match result. Based on this matching percentage, the user’s identity can be verified with high accuracy.

    document verification service working algorithm for securekey by euristiq


    Our client’s digital ID services were developed in cooperation with Canada’s major financial institutions and became an integral part of a Canadian identity ecosystem. Canadians can now conveniently use their bank authentication credentials to access online government services or verify their identities using their mobile devices and government-issued photo IDs.

    To ensure utmost privacy protection, the document verification platform strictly avoids sharing any personal information, login credentials, passwords, bank identities, or details about accessed government services with either the government or the bank.

    Project scope


    1. Front-end development
    2. Back-end development
    3. Requirements elaboration
    4. Cloud adoption
    5. Quality assurance


    • GoLang
    • MVC
    • SQL
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Java
    • AJAX
    • Spring Boot
    • ETCD
    • PostgreSQL
    • HSM
    • Node.js

    Client testimonial

    Euristiq delivers top-class work in adherence to project timelines and budgets. Not only are they committed to meeting the business’ needs, but they are also willing to go above and beyond to do so. Additionally, the team is adaptable and able to pivot as needed in a fast-paced working environment.
    VP of Technology, Avast

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