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Advanced Foot Traffic Analytics


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    The client is an international company operating in hardware manufacturing industry. Seeking digital consulting expertise, they approached Euristiq to design a retail IoT system tailored for in-store foot traffic analytics. The system we developed gathers data and produces heat maps, aiding in identifying the most frequented zones within stores. Additionally, the solution offers features to manage energy consumption through individual light-dimming settings accessible via an iPad or iPhone.

    • Co-created an intelligent retail foot traffic analytics software
    • Collects data about consumer behavior and forms heat maps in real-time
    • Smart control of energy consumption in stores
    • Helps optimize retail efficiency and increase revenue per m2
    Retail Foot Traffic Analytics Application


    Cost-efficient retail foot traffic analytics app

    We developed a system that uses triangulation to determine the most popular zones in the store. The data can be analyzed to make strategic marketing decisions in placing products and advertisements to increase revenue.

    System aggregates data and forms traffic heat maps

    The retail foot traffic analytics software collects, processes, and visualizes data about customers around the shop and builds heat maps with the most active zones. Heat maps are generated every 5-10 min and illustrate the customers’ journey thus giving useful insights for store owners.

    Controls energy consumption

    The system also allows regulating light energy consumption and offers individual dimming control via an iPad or iPhone. In addition, various groups and light scenes can be timed to activate at different intervals of the day. Thus one can achieve more attractive retail spaces.


    An intelligent retail foot traffic analytics software tracks customers around the store and builds heat maps with the most popular zones in real-time. The IoT solution assists in making effective marketing decisions that can increase revenue per m2 and optimizes lighting consumption by dimming or brightening at certain hours of the day.

    Project scope


    1. Decision on the technical stack
    2. Architecture engineering
    3. UI/UX design
    4. Front-end/back-end development
    5. Requirements elaboration
    6. SaaS deployment
    7. Participation in product management
    8. Mobile app development


    • Azure
    • Azure SQL
    • MongoDB
    • Entity Framework Code First
    • Redis
    • AngularJS
    • StructureMap
    • AutoMapper
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    Their service was totally outstanding. Once we discussed a task and the timeframe, they never let me down. Everything was delivered on time, and the work was always excellent. They addressed multiple items that I didn’t even mention to them. While they developed the product, they also were making the tools to test it accurately. The quality of the solution is outstanding.
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