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In-Store Customer Tracking System


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    The client is the world’s leading health and beauty retail group with over 15,000 stores across the globe. We offered digital consulting services and developed a low-cost in-store customer tracking system that improves customer experience and optimizes employees’ routines. The MVP of this product provides insights into the most popular sections of a store, monitors the number of customers at the checkout, and tracks areas where employees spend the majority of their time.

    • Created a production-ready in-store customer tracking system with profound data collection for retail in 1 month
    • Scalable low-cost store customer tracking retail solution for 15K stores across the globe
    • An intelligent IoT solution for tracking store visitors and optimizing employees’ routine
    in store customer tracking system by euristiq


    The client with a chain of health and beauty care stores decided to collect and process in-store information to lower costs and make smarter data-based decisions. They approached Euristiq for an MVP of an in-store customer tracking system.

    Smart Retail

    To build an intelligent hardware/software system we went with ESP32 firmware that tracks WiFi/Bluetooth devices and sends data to the server for post-processing. Then, we developed a store customer tracking system that stores and processes data from the ESP32 devices and displays it in reports. The solution helps retail businesses make smarter data-based decisions.

    Solid in-store data collection

    The system allows tracking the number of customers waiting in the queue for the checkout. Knowing the number of people in the queue and understanding where the employees spend most of their time around the shop gives valuable information for workforce optimization and improving customer satisfaction.

    Low-cost in-store customer tracking solution

    The solution had to be as cheap as possible, yet easy to install (no wiring or extra steps required for ordinary employees) due to the large number of stores (15,000) where it is planned to be installed. That’s why in addition to the IoT app we created an inexpensive device that anyone can simply plug into the socket, and it will automatically start collecting and sending data to the server.

    in store customer tracking application by euristiq


    As a result of our work, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer now has an affordable retail store customer tracking system that can significantly enhance the customer experience and streamline employee routines. Euristiq has also developed an easily deployable, cost-effective device that requires no additional training for store employees to operate. This system effectively monitors visitors, identifies turning customers, defines popular zones, and serves as a platform for defining an optimal in-store advertising placement. The analytical data gathered by the system enables more efficient resource allocation, leading to substantial operational cost savings.

    Our solution is perfectly aligned with our client’s overarching mission: to bring customers a healthier and more beautiful life while putting smiles on their faces. By meticulously analyzing extensive customer behavior data, each store can transform itself to provide a more tailored and satisfying experience for its visiting customers.

    Project scope


    1. Architecture engineering
    2. Decisions on the technical stack
    3. Front-end / Back-end development
    4. Firmware development


    • ASP.NET
    • SQL
    • HTML / CSS
    • C (embedded development)

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