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Case Study

Illuminating Success with New Firmware


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    Legacy modernization


    The client, a Danish company Novalume, sought assistance in improving their current smart IoT lighting system, specifically in the realm of legacy firmware development for lamp control units. On top of that, they wanted to integrate new hardware modules into the next generation of their system. Our approach prioritized performance, security, and scalability, culminating in the creation of an intelligent control and maintenance system. The system not only optimizes the utilization of street lighting but also provides real-time performance monitoring and reporting.

    • Firmware improvement of a smart IoT lighting system for lamp control units
    • Added a wireless maintenance option with instant connectivity
    • Easy and fast network deployment has a 10% increase in Zigbee network stability
    • The system lowers energy consumption and reduces maintenance costs
    iot firmware development case study lumintell by euristiq


    Initially, the client was looking for support and improvement of their existing smart IoT system for lamp control units of 1st and 2nd generation, which were installed in several cities. Later on, the client required integration of new hardware modules into the next generation of the system, which entailed new firmware development.

    The challenging requirements included product performance, usability, reliability, security, and scalability. In this case, it was also a highly concurrent, heavily loaded network. Several live networks have already been working for years and were sensitive to changes in the firmware. Profound pre-release testing and backward compatibility were key requirements.

    Wireless system for 2m control units

    The system is completely wireless with instant connectivity which we enabled by adding support for NFC and GPS technologies – node identification via NFC technology and automatic GPS detection. The modernized embedded software with several hundred units in the mesh network and 30k+ units installed on the city scale.

    Profound hardware testing

    For extended and integration testing purposes, we assembled special test stands in just three days to emulate real environments and real loads. This local testing of streetlight nodes improved test coverage by 60%.

    Performance, scalability, and security

    In this IoT firmware development project, we also suggested ideas and implemented solutions for traffic optimization between the network coordinator and the back-end server that allows 3-4x traffic speed up.
    What we managed to achieve:

    Firmware Development for iot project lumintell by euristiq


    Through our expertise in IoT and energy management software development, the modernized embedded system, comprising several hundred units in the mesh network, now supports over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. This system not only lowers energy consumption by dimming the lighting during off-peak traffic hours but also minimizes maintenance expenses through real-time performance monitoring and reporting.

    This project was accomplished as a part of a larger IoT smart city lighting solution that we developed for our client. They needed two separate platforms within this smart city solution, known as Lumintell – one tailored for city officials and another for lighting operators. We implemented an intelligent street lighting management software that enables remote control and monitoring of an unlimited number of streetlights in multiple cities.

    Project scope


    1. Architectural engineering
    2. M2M Interfaces
    3. Technical consulting
    4. Requirement elaboration
    5. Quality assurance


    • Embedded C, C/C++, IAR, Eclipse
    • Batch Scripts
    • GSM/GPRS/2G/3G
    • Zigbee mesh network
    • TCP/IP
    • NFC
    • GPS
    • OSAL (OS from Texas Instruments)
    • J-Link

    Client testimonial

    Their ability to complete and manage the project efficiently was impressive. Euristiq provided back- and frontend development for a Zigbee web app system. They used C# programming language to develop the Azure platform and currently provide ongoing support.
    IT Manager at Smart City Solutions

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