Smart City IoT Solutions for Optimizing Street Light Usage

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Improving IoT smart lighting system with tens of thousands units on the city scale

Industry: IoT, Smart City
Location: Denmark


Novalume is an international company that develops and manufactures advanced energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. The client has turned to Euristiq for support and improvement of an existing IoT smart city system for lamp control units which are installed in several cities. It was a high concurrent, heavily loaded network, several parts of which have already been working for years and were sensitive to changes in the firmware.

Key Results We Delivered
Connected Devices

Tens of thousands units on the city scale.


Reduction in lighting energy and maintenance costs.

Tools and Technologies

ASP.NET MVCAzureAzure SQLMongoDBEntity Framework Code FirstRedisEvent HubsAzure Service Bus (MQ)SignalRAngular.jsStructureMapAutoMapperjQuery/BootstrapWindows Mobile


Scalable high-performance smart city IoT solution to control 2M street lamps all over the world

The client has turned to Euristiq for support and improvement of an existing IoT lighting system – a high concurrent, heavily loaded network, several parts of which were sensitive to changes in the firmware.

A mobile application for manufacturers that Novalume envisioned, could scan components being assembled into the asset and automatically sync scanned data with the server. One platform had to support multiple customers, who each could control, view, and manage their city luminaire setup.

The new IoT smart city lighting system had to collect and store vast amounts of metric data and control ~2m city lamps all over the world. Solution’s requirements included high-performance of a product, its usability, reliability, security, and scalability, backward compatibility. In addition to the development of new firmware, new hardware modules had to be integrated into the next generation of the system. The plugin system had to connect multiple device vendors.


An intelligent control and maintenance system that optimizes street light usage

Novalume engaged Euristiq for the development of LUMINTELL™, a solution that comes in three forms: an admin website, a client website, and an Android application.

After evaluating the needs of the system, Euristiq’s team decided on a technical stack and began the app development process which included architecture engineering, UI/UX design and frontend/backend development.

The product, system called LUMINTELL™, optimizes street light usage to lower energy consumption by decreasing the lighting level during off-peak traffic hours. Many features are available at the click of a mouse, like real-time monitoring and performance reporting, all without compromising quality or safety.

The software allows visualizing entire street light installations and monitoring their operations. Also, users can evaluate the consumption and intensity of the light emitted from the luminaire, individually or in groups. Luminaire parameters can be adjusted in real-time, without any additional costs towards increasing their lifetime.


Real-time monitoring and reporting of performance reduces maintenance costs by up to 75%

Euristiq with a team of 6 engineers improved IoT smart city lighting solution with several hundred units in the mesh network and tens of thousands of units on the city scale. System security was also improved through device and communication channel protection and optimized traffic between the network coordinator and the back-end server.

Via real-time monitoring and performance reporting, the smart city solution allows reducing maintenance costs by up to 75% and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Smart City IoT Solution

Real-time monitoring and performance reporting. The smart lighting solution with thousands of connected units in use.

Develop smart IoT and embedded solutions of any scale and complexity

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