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Sky-High Performance for Airline


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    Legacy modernization
    Cloud transformation


    Euristiq helped Europe’s largest airline with the legacy modernization of a new user-centered version of the website, including additional services for buying tickets, booking accommodation, and renting cars. Following our successful collaboration on the migration of the legacy system from Adobe Experience Manager to the AWS Cloud, the results were both tangible and transformative. The performance of the client’s website experienced a remarkable boost, with faster loading times and increased efficiency in serving customer needs. Additionally, the enhanced interoperability of the platform streamlined internal processes, optimizing the airline’s overall operations.

    • Modernized airline’s website to 3x times faster performance and 13X page speed increased
    • Successful cloud-to-cloud migration
    • Implementation of new UI/UX and development of additional custom apps that improved the company’s business operations and drove income growth
    aws migration for Ryanair airline by euristiq case study


    Re-engineered website with 3X faster performance and new UI/UX

    Europe’s largest airline company determined that the legacy architecture of its main website was slowing down the company’s business operations, such as buying tickets, booking accommodation, or renting cars.

    Since the previous iteration of the website had become outdated, it was necessary to breathe new life into it. Therefore, a complete overhaul of the UI/UX was introduced. A fresh, intuitive, visually appealing design not only brought the website to the current industry standard but also reflected the commitment to providing an engaging and seamless online experience for the users.

    Micro front-end architecture and additional custom apps

    In this legacy modernization project Euristiq changed the architectural approach to the website and implemented micro front-end architecture which allows deploying different parts of the application separately with no need to redeploy the whole system. This architectural approach also improves the project’s maintainability and availability substantially.

    Another critical requirement during the legacy modernization was the improvement of the application’s interoperability, as it could be a huge advantage for the company. The ability to quickly add third-party components significantly improves business operations. Euristiq implemented this architecture and integrated for A/B testing, for user personalization, for UX analytics, for tech analytics. Now, similar third-party tools can be added within weeks and not months as before.

    Migration from Adobe to AWS

    The migration from Adobe Experience Manager to Amazon Web Services was a pivotal step in the strategic cloud transformation initiative. Recognizing the myriad of benefits of AWS, we made a decision to relocate the entire infrastructure to this robust platform. The migration enhanced scalability and efficiency and marked a crucial shift towards modernizing the digital ecosystem.

    legacy modernization case study for Ryanair airline by Euristiq


    Elevating website performance was a paramount objective during this legacy modernization project. With Euristiq’s digital consulting expertise, we scoped the project requirements and defined performance characteristics to expertly implement transformative changes to the website.

    With the improvements we introduced, the website homepage now opens a staggering 3x faster than its previous iteration. The substantial enhancement in loading speed not only greatly improved user experience but also positioned the company as a front-runner in its industry, setting a new standard for digital experience.

    Our partnership with the company extended beyond just optimization. The adoption of AWS Cloud technology, the introduction of a fresh, intuitive UIUX design, and the development of additional custom applications collectively bolstered the company’s core operations. These changes acted as a catalyst fostering cross-sales and upsales opportunities while driving up conversion rates and revenue figures.

    Project scope


    1. Architecture engineering
    2. User-centered design
    3. Requirements elaboration
    4. Front-end development
    5. AWS cloud adoption
    6. Senior-level team extension


    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
    • Typescript
    • Angular
    • SASS
    • NgRx
    • RxJs
    • AWS

    Client testimonial

    Euristiq provides top-tier developers that deliver high-quality output, which has supplemented a successful, multi-project partnership. Their work on the website contributed to performance improvements and boosted conversion and revenue rates. Despite being remote, they are easily accessible.
    David O’Callaghan
    Head of Development

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