Legacy Modernization for One of The Largest Airline Companies

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Re-engineering airline’s legacy website to 3x times faster performance

Industry: Aviation
Location: Ireland


Euristiq provided Europe’s largest airline, with a team of engineers who developed a new version of the website including additional services for buying tickets, booking accommodation, and renting cars. After our fruitful cooperation on the legacy modernization project, the client's website performance and interoperability have significantly improved which correlates with the company’s financial growth.

Key Results We Delivered
Performance Improved

Time to user interaction improved.

Page Speed Increased

Speed improved on the SLOW 3G Chrome preset.

Tools and Technologies

HTML / CSS / JavaScript


Competitive advantage in the airline industry with a new version of the main website

Europe’s largest airline company determined that the legacy architecture of its main website was slowing down the company’s business operations such as buying tickets, booking accommodation, or renting cars.

They approached Euristiq for complex legacy software modernization services mainly focused on website rebuilding and redesigning which included migration to AWS and improvement of application’s interoperability.


Implement micro front-end architecture, new UI/UX and migrate to Amazon Web Services

The new architectural approach brought additional benefits for the legacy system and helped to improve the project’s maintainability and availability substantially.

As the first step in the legacy software modernization, Euristiq changed the architectural approach to the website and implemented micro front-end architecture which allows deploying different parts of the application separately with no need to redeploy the whole system.

Cloud Migration from Adobe Experience Manager to Amazon Web Services was a strategic requirement since the client was moving all their infrastructure to AWS. New UI/UX had to be introduced to the website, as the old version was obsolete and needed refreshment.

One of the critical requirements was the improvement of the application’s interoperability as it could be a huge advantage for the client. The ability to quickly add third-party components significantly improved the aviation company’s business operations. Euristiq implemented this architecture and integrated launchdarkly.com for A/B testing, boxever.com for user personalization, hotjar.com for UX analytics, newrelic.com for tech analytics. Now similar third-party tools can be added within weeks and not months as before.


New airline’s website with 3x improved performance and additional custom apps

Website performance was a top priority for legacy software modernization project to stay ahead of the competitors. Once Euristiq scoped the requirements, defined key performance characteristics, and implemented changes to the website, its home page opens 3 times faster than before.

Cloud adoption, implementation of new UI/UX, the development of additional custom apps improved the company’s business operations. All these changes combined increased sales of tickets and extras.

Performance improvement
  • Page size (KB)
  • Time to first visible element
  • Time to interaction
  • Load time on "Slow 3g" Chrome preset
Old Version
  • 3018
  • 5.4s
  • 10.3s
  • 65s
New version
  • 632
  • 2.6s
  • 3.1s
  • 5s

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David O'Callaghan

Head of Development, Aviation Company

Euristiq provides top-tier developers that deliver high-quality output, which has supplemented a successful, multi-project partnership. Despite being remote, they are easily accessible.

Overall, it’s been a successful engagement.