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From Outdated to Precision Farming


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    The client is a innovative precision farming company dedicated to developing precision agriculture solutions that are dependable, highly accurate, and cost-effective for every farmer. They approached us with the requirement for seamless legacy modernization of their outdated system which serves thousands of users and supports tens of thousands of farming sensors and devices. Considering the complexity of the project, we opted to begin with the project discovery service.

    • Seamless modernization of a farming app that already manages thousands of devices
    • New architecture that will save up to 20% of operational costs for end-users of the software
    • Fully working guidance system for tractors to make automated farming available for farmers of all sizes
    • A successful migration journey to AWS Cloud
    precision farming software case study fieldbee by euristiq


    Seamless legacy modernization: ensuring uninterrupted precision farming operations

    The existing precision farming software had already been serving thousands of customers worldwide, and any disruption to their operation was simply not an option. With this in consideration, we planned and executed a seamless legacy modernization process that required the utmost precision and care.

    Our primary objective was to ensure that the entire process was unnoticeable and would have no impact on the day-to-day activities of our client and their global user base.

    Elevating IoT integration and data analytics

    At first glance, the project seemed primarily focused on modernizing the current components of the precision farming software. Yet, during the discovery phase, we delved into the client’s business needs and identified additional opportunities for leveraging IoT development services for enhanced precision farming solutions.

    We discovered that the client hasn’t used the full potential of IoT. It is possible to enable real-time data collection and add extra features like data analytics and intuitive dashboards to the product.

    Optimizing efficiency: transitioning to AWS Cloud for cost savings and scalability

    Going further to IoT maintenance, we came to the conclusion that the cloud services used currently are not efficient anymore. Besides, the client’s plan is to expand, so the price of the current system will grow as more devices are added.

    Our tech team has profound expertise in cloud services and figured that AWS Cloud is a more reasonable alternative for the client’s needs and budget. Its maintenance is not only worthwhile but also can save up to 20% of operational costs.

    Aligning vision and budget: crafting a resilient architecture for global operations

    Now that we aligned the vision of the client’s business, we went on to analyze the data. Since thousands of farmers use the client’s products worldwide, the system needs to be flexible and easy to control remotely. The need to create a durable and resilient architecture of the precision farming software that would cover the current and future operations appeared.

    While the journey on the exploration of the hidden benefits of technology sounds amusing, there are concerns that bother all clients, and it is budget. In particular, our client sought assurance of the financial feasibility of the plan.

    The Euristiq team prepared a cost estimate and the roadmap of the project based on the convenience of the client’s conditions. It envisages the division of the project into milestones to ensure smooth releases that correspond to the client’s financial capabilities.

    Agritech software development services


    In a series of workshops, we managed to find focal points of the business, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the tech stack, and come up with options to build a highly scalable architecture that would cover all the needs of the company that operates thousands of devices and plans on expanding.

    To validate the suitability of the solutions offered, we prepared a cost estimate that meets the client’s requirements and expectations. In this case, we made sure that the process of transformation of the client’s precision farming software was gradual and affordable every step of the way.

    All results of the discovery were documented in a detail-rich SRS document. Hence, the client received a roadmap with all the stages comprehensively described and calculated.

    Project scope


    1. SRS documentation
    2. Software architecture design
    3. Proposed tech stack
    4. Project roadmap
    5. Cost proposal with time estimates


    • Java
    • Hibernate
    • Spring Framework
    • Angular
    • DDD
    • CQRS
    • AWS
    • AWS Fargate
    • AWS RDS

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