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Self-Service Advertising Platform


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    The client is Europe’s largest airline company, offering a range of services such as ticket purchasing, hotel room booking, car rentals, and more. They approached Euristiq with an idea to develop a self-service advertising platform, utilizing our platform development services, to create a unique product with no analogs on the market. We developed both the front-end and back-end of this advertising platform, enabling advertisers to run highly targeted campaigns and bid on primary spaces on passenger boarding passes.

    • Working closely with the client, we introduced a new advertising technology for boarding passes that can increase airline revenue
    • The advertising platform prints ads on boarding passes with real-time bidding and ad ranking algorithm
    • Ad campaign management system takes minutes to set up and has no analogs on the market
    self service advertising platform development ryanair by euristiq


    The Euristiq team took over the project after successfully delivering legacy modernization of the main website of an aviation company. Our engineers did frontend and backend development, architecture engineering, and integration with payment systems.

    The new self-service advertising platform offers advertisers an opportunity to bid on a primary space on passenger boarding passes.

    Campaign management and real-time bidding

    The fast and intuitive system can be set up in minutes, tweaking live campaigns to increase performance, and running multiple campaigns at the same time. We developed a first-class real-time bidding algorithm that is comparable to leading RTB networks and calculates campaign ad rank per boarding pass impression.

    Targeting, monitoring, and reporting ad campaigns

    The targeting includes many parameters to create highly targeted campaigns and increase ROI through ad relevance. Monitoring and reporting allow tracking the campaign performance in real-time using an analytics dashboard with the best-performing routes and tracking of the average cost per impression (PCI).

    advertising platform development for ryanair by euristiq


    The result of our collaboration is a high-targeting bidding platform with an admin service integrated into the existing client’s AWS infrastructure. We built a self-service advertising platform that takes minutes to set up with a real-time bidding algorithm that calculates campaign ad rank per boarding pass impression. Here are the key feature of the ad management platform: campaign management, monitoring and reporting, real-time bidding solution, and custom targeting.

    Project scope


    1. Decision on the technical stack
    2. Integration with payment systems
    3. Architecture engineering
    4. Front-end/back-end development
    5. SaaS deployment


    • Node.js
    • HTML / CSS
    • JavaScript
    • MongoDB
    • .Net
    • Angular
    • Loopback
    • AWS

    Client testimonial

    We began working with Euristiq in July 2017, and the engagement is ongoing. Euristiq provides development outsourcing services. For one project, they supported a website revamp; for another, they helped with scheduling and operational processes. They’ve worked in .NET and Angular.
    Head of Development, Aviation Company

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