Skydiving app that accompanies best-in-class altimeters produced by the client

Industry: Electronic Manufacturing
Location: Denmark


The client is a Danish company that produces the most accurate and high-quality skydiving altimeters. They turned to Euristiq for a digital solution to accompany their hardware electronic devices. We developed an IoT mobile app that gives skydivers a wholesome experience of using the L&B altimeters.

App for Skydivers with MVP in 4 Months

The app with IoT data analytics collects and provides information about the jumps (altitude, speed, acceleration). Users can check jump history, compare records, and view summaries of a month or a year.


Tools and Technologies

Room DB
Google (Places, Maps, Location)


The client required a modern IoT solution to increase customer engagement

The client that produces unique and world-class skydiving altimeters for professional jumpers struggled to adapt devices to an IoT age and provide additional value to modern consumers.

The client came to us with a general idea for a mobile app of the highest quality that gives not only simplified access to the device settings but also offers additional functions for a fuller user experience. 

The altimeters’ main function is to give skydivers signals about the altitudes during the jump to indicate the best time to open the parachute. Audible altimeters are placed in jumpers helmet to give out alerts that mark different heights – first in the aircraft before the jump, then warning signals during the free fall, and finally during the canopy descent. 

Experienced jumpers can configure their own altitudes for warning signals that indicate when the parachute should be opened. The client wanted to give them an opportunity to change these settings easily and quickly via an app.


A skydiving app with IoT data analytics that supports different versions of altimeters

An app collects multiple data about the jumps from the altimeters, uses it to form logbooks with jumps history and other stats through synchronization. Users can compare their records and view summaries.

The client offers a variety of digital altimeters for jumpers – wearable devices for a wrist, and those that resemble pagers to be placed inside a helmet. The new versions come with a connectivity option via the BLE module, which opens doors for further innovation.

We started our collaboration with multiple brainstorming sessions with the client to generate the best customer-oriented features for an app. Its primary function was to customize the altimeter settings remotely and download information from the device. 

Euristiq covered the general concept, design, and software development. We created an Android app that connects to the device via BLE and UART interfaces, located in a microcontroller. Having extensive experience working with hardware, we put in an extra effort to test the compatibility and integration between the device and the skydiving app. 

Users can check the altimeter’s settings, change them, and insert additional information about the jumps in the app, e.g., aircrafts models and drop zones. Moreover, we added the ability to connect to and store information from several L&B altimeters. Our app for safe skydiving collects data about the jumps (altitude, speed, acceleration) and uses it to form logbooks with jumps history and other stats through synchronization. Users can compare jump records and view summaries of a month or a year.


An end-to-end IoT solution that expands the abilities of the skydiving altimeters produced by the client

We met all our client’s requirements and created an Android application with a user-friendly interface in four months. We remained flexible to constant updates of different hardware versions and tailored the app accordingly. The MVP version provides a visual summary/analysis of the collected data about the jumps and is completely production-ready. Owners of altimeters produced by our client can very soon benefit from the option to check and change their device settings remotely. 

The client is satisfied with the project and prolonged our collaboration to the next phase – an iOS application that will launch soon. 

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