IOT based smart street lighting system that reduces energy consumption by up to 75%

Industry: IoT, Smart City
Location: Denmark


A Danish company Novalume engaged Euristiq for the development of two separate platforms of a complex IoT smart city lighting solutions Lumintell – for city officials and lighting operators. An intelligent street lighting management software allows to control and monitor remotely an unlimited number of streetlights installed in several cities.
Lumintell, IoT smart city lighting solutions

Key results we delivered

30KConnected devices Remote control of day-to-day streetlights operations. Real-time monitoring and live data synchronizaton.
75%Costs reduction Effortless field workflow management. User-friendly field deployment app.

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Tools and technologies

Azure SQL
Entity Framework Code First
Event Hubs
Azure Service Bus (MQ)
Windows Mobile

Scalable and highly performant smart city lighting with 2M lamp units globally

Any IoT system, especially those for smart cities, has scalability and high performance among its most critical requirements. Especially when such a system has millions of connected devices around the world.

Going through a custom IoT project development, smart city lighting solutions can become highly concurrent and heavily loaded, which hinders the ability to scale with ease and have high performance. And our client, a Danish smart city lighting company Novalume, experienced a similar problem and approached us with a request to modernize their existing lighting system.

Following our communication, we understood the client’s need to upgrade the system to make it ready to collect and store vast amounts of metric data from 2M city lamp units all over the world.

To ensure seamless lighting unit installment and maintenance, as well as lighting management, we saw an opportunity to improve the system by adding a maintenance and service platform and a smart city web application for municipalities. The IoT street lighting system had to support multiple users, who each could control, view, and manage their city lighting setup.


An intelligent smart lighting management software that optimizes city light usage

Platform for optimized field maintenance

A platform for technical staff offers a full overview of the system status to configure the network and manage daily maintenance. It automatically collects, analyzes, and visualizes diagnostic information from the street lights and synchronized this data in real-time.

One of its main functions is communication with field maintenance crews for optimized field service and receiving hardware alerts. The maintenance and field service platform can save up to 50% of annual maintenance costs.

Novalume engaged Euristiq for the development of LUMINTELL™, a complex IoT smart city lighting solutions that controls and monitors an unlimited number of streetlights connected wirelessly. After evaluating the project, our team of engineers decided on a tech stack and developed two separate platforms of a solution – for city officials and lighting operators.

Street lighting management software with real-time monitoring

The smart city lighting solution allows visualizing entire street light installations and monitoring of their operations. City officials or admins can evaluate the consumption and intensity of the light emitted from the luminaire, individually or in groups. Luminaire parameters can be adjusted in real-time, without any additional costs towards increasing their lifetime.

The system helps lower street light energy consumption by group scheduling and dimming the lighting level during off-peak traffic hours. Advanced performance reporting tools in a user-friendly dashboard provide optimized energy-saving analysis.

Android app for field crew

This is a specialized app for working with lighting assets in the field and it comes as a part of the platform described above. Its main purpose is to help a field crew deploy and install streetlights wirelessly. Each streetlight becomes connected to the system and the data about its energy consumption or the intensity of the light emitted becomes available in real time.

The app is also used for communication between system admins and the field maintenance team. The field crew receives notifications about broken luminaires in this app, service location directions, can see a prioritized personal service and maintenance task list, and start a live chat with the admi


Sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-saving smart lighting management software that improves the quality of life for citizens

The system allows the city to monitor all streetlights, view system status, perform intelligent dimming, and access analytics all in one dashboard.

Novalume’s smart city lighting solution was a highly concurrent, heavily loaded network, several parts of which were sensitive to changes in the firmware. Euristiq’s performance team of 6 engineers improved the intelligent IoT smart city lighting solution that consists of a management system and maintenance and service platform.

Cities that have implemented the Lumintell have benefited in more ways:

  • Smart city lighting solution paired with LED streetlights allows cutting energy consumption by up to 75%
  • Light-dimming capabilities allow to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30%
  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting reduces maintenance costs by up to 50%

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