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    Software engineering


    Heart Zones, Inc is an American company committed to developing and promoting the use of technology for fitness training through heart rate monitors and other wearables.

    The company follows a noble mission to get America fit through data-driven fitness. Their methodology is based on analyzing feedback on training performance. Before they engaged Euristiq for a software solution, Heart Zones had an existing iPad application to track training but it had a simple reporting system and the data was stored locally.

    Seeking digital consulting services, the client approached Euristiq with an idea to develop fitness assessment software that increases training efficiency and gives near real-time feedback on performance by generating reports. They needed a cloud-based portal capable of aggregating large volumes of data and converting it into insights using the company’s Heart Zones methodology to evaluate performance.

    • Designed and developed a data-driven fitness solution that increases training efficiency and engages people to pursue an active lifestyle
    • Fitness assessment software that automatically provides training session analysis through a digital reporting system
    • 2,040 schools and 1,000,000 students have already benefited from a new approach to fitness
    group fitness tracking software for heartzones by euristiq


    The client entrusted us with the development of an entire group fitness tracking application from scratch. To kick things off, we began with a several-week-long project Discovery phase that mapped out the development process and provided the client with a timeline for milestone delivery.

    Time-to-market was critical, as the company’s primary focus was on group classes in schools, gyms, and individual sessions. The new portal had to be ready before the start of the new school year.

    In just under nine months of application development, the Euristiq team successfully developed both the frontend and backend of a portal with scalable architecture and secure data storage.

    Wireframes and detailed SRS development

    The Discovery phase allowed us to align with the client. The main deliverables of this phase, including UI/UX wireframes and an SRS (Software Requirements Specification) document, described the web app’s architecture, divided the development into stages, and ensured that each stage would be efficient and fast.

    Digital fitness assessment software solution

    We created an IoT cloud portal compatible with most Bluetooth sensors, capable of analyzing aggregated training activity data based on heart rate, steps, power, cadence, and speed. To simplify data analysis and its transformation into reports, we implemented pre-aggregation of data. This means that the data is analyzed before a report request is made.

    Participants wear sensors during activities, and the data is collected locally (on an iPad, for instance) and then sent to the cloud portal for report generation. User experience is also improved. As the solution is primarily used by organizations like schools and gyms, the portal we developed offers extended user management functionality, making it easier to set up new classes with different teachers or gym trainers.

    Intelligent reporting system that provides insights into fitness performance

    The fitness portal features a comprehensive aggregated reporting system that offers a wide variety of reports. The system generates 53 types of reports, depending on the combination of training types (e.g., PE, rowing, cycling) and collected data (e.g., heart rate, step data, speed).


    By delivering a cloud-based fitness assessment software to our client that combines the Heart Zones methodology and IoT technology, the Euristiq team has helped improve training in schools, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, and for personal use.

    We successfully delivered an end-to-end solution for schools and gyms before the start of the new school year. As soon as the training sessions end, the new portal automatically transforms training activity data into insights and generates reports. Thanks to the system, users – teachers or fitness instructors – can assess the physical activity of participants and motivate them to enhance their performance.

    Building smart fitness solution

    Project scope


    1. End-to-end app development
    2. Discovery service
    3. Cloud adoption
    4. IoT solutions
    5. A decision on the technical stack
    6. Architecture engineering
    7. UI/UX design
    8. Front-end/back-end development
    9. QA
    10. SaaS deployment
    11. Technical consulting
    12. Requirements elaboration


    • Java
    • Hibernate
    • Spring Framework
    • Angular
    • DDD
    • CQRS
    • AWS
    • AWS Fargate
    • AWS RDS
    • AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy
    • AWS CloudFront
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS DynamoDB
    • AWS Lambda
    • Google Chrome Web
    • Bluetooth API

    Client testimonial

    The project has been successful; end customers like the solution and find it valuable. Euristiq has completed all sprints on time and communicates effectively through virtual meetings. The team’s outstanding commitment to the project, despite challenging circumstances, stands out. Each sprint was completed on time.
    Sal Edwards
    CEO, Heart Zones

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