Portal that increases training efficiency and engages people to pursue an active lifestyle

Industry: Healthcare, Sport

Location: USA


Heart Zones, Inc is an American company committed to developing and promoting the use of technology for fitness training, especially through heart rate monitors and other wearables. They required a cloud-based portal that could aggregate vast amounts of collected data, and transform it into insights using the company’s methodology to assess performance. The portal had to be developed from scratch and would substitute the existing local app. With this idea, they approached Euristiq.

Using technology for healthier living

Data-driven fitness solution that combines Heart Zones methodology and IoT technology to improve training in schools, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, and in personal use.

1,733 schools and 800,000 students have already benefited from a new approach to fitness.
smart fitness solution

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Tools and technologies

Spring Framework
AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy
AWS Cloudfront
AWS CloudFormation
AWS DynamoDB
AWS Lambda
Google Chrome Web Bluetooth API


A digital platform that provides training sessions analysis through a complex reporting system

The client approached Euristiq with an idea to develop software that increases training efficiency and gives near real-time feedback on performance by generating reports. Time to market was critical: the new portal had to be ready before the start of the new school year.

Heart Zones company follows a noble mission to get America fit through data-driven fitness. Their methodology is based on using wearable technology that provides real-time feedback on performance. For now, their main focus is on group classes in schools, gyms, and individual classes.

Before they came to Euristiq for a software solution, Heart Zones had an existing iPad application to track training but it had a simple reporting system and the data was stored locally. They approached Euristiq with the task to create a portal with a complex aggregated reporting system that could provide their customers with a wider variety of reports. The system should be able to generate 53 kinds of reports depending on the combination of a training type (e.g. PE, rowing, cycling) and data collected (e.g. heart rate, steps data, speed).

Also, the portal should store data and extend the user management functionality to give organizations like schools and gyms a better experience with setting up new classes with different teachers or gym trainers.


Fitness technology software that collects and analyzes training activity data

The client entrusted us with the development of an entire solution from scratch. To kick things off, we started with a few-weeks-long project Discovery phase that allowed us to map out the development process and get on the same page with the client.

The result of Discovery was UI/UX wireframes and a SRS document that described the web app’s architecture, split the development into stages, and ensured that each stage would be effective and fast.

We developed an IoT cloud portal that analyzes training activity data based on heart rate, steps, power, cadence, and speed. Participants do activities wearing sensors, storage on an iPad collects the data and sends it to the cloud portal where the reports are formed, and available for viewing. Sensors communicate via ANT+ protocol and Bluetooth, and an iPad takes on the role of a gateway. Portal integration with an iPad app was also a part of the development scope.

The most difficult task in the whole development process was to devise a way how to automatically transform data into reports. For this we used a pre-aggregation of data – the data is grouped and analyzed before the actual request for a report comes. To simplify the calculation and make the report generating more time-efficient, we have grouped all data into four categories: data on all participants in a group, data on a single training session, data on a participant for a period of time, and on a participant for a single training session.


Cloud-based platform that transforms training activity data into insights

In just under nine months, the Euristiq team has developed a frontend and backend of a portal with scalable architecture and secure data storage.

As soon as the training sessions end, the portal generates reports that are a visual representation of the data collected. With extended features to the reporting and comprehensive dashboards with different levels of details, users – fitness instructors, for instance, – can assess the physical activity of participants and motivate them to improve their performance.

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