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IoT-based Smart Office Solutions


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    Software engineering


    Tektelic is a Canadian provider of globally distributed, top-tier IoT gateway sensors and applications. They partnered with Euristiq for end-to-end development of an IoT solution for smart cities, specifically focusing on smart office solutions for their LoRaWANTM IoT gateways and sensors. This solution addresses the challenge of meeting room underutilization. With it, office workers can monitor the occupancy of each meeting room, while office managers can access comprehensive statistics on meeting room efficiency.

    • Delivered a fully working smart office solution integrated with IoT gateways and sensors in 6 months
    • An intelligent IoT solution with a user-friendly dashboard displays real-time occupancy status
    • Synchronizes with Outlook and Google Calendars
    • Developed a reusable core code for further applications integrated with the client’s devices
    • The app has entered volume production
    Tektelic smart office software by euristiq


    Our initial steps in this project involved making decisions regarding the technical stack and architectural engineering. In under one month, the Euristiq team successfully validated the concept and created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). During this phase, the solution had a basic design aimed at risk identification, architecture testing, and the integration of Tektelic’s sensors with online calendars.

    We undertook end-to-end development of the application, encompassing everything from business analysis and design to software development, quality assurance support, and implementation. Additionally, we provided the client with all necessary documentation and user guides.

    Complex IoT system

    The solution comprises a room booking app, E-Ink displays, and smart room sensors. Each meeting room is equipped with one PIR sensor, and each chair is fitted with acceleration-based movement sensors to gather data on room occupancy. The E-Ink displays are seamlessly integrated with Outlook and Google Calendars, facilitating effortless meeting room bookings, rescheduling, and cancellations. These displays are conveniently positioned at the entrances of the meeting rooms.

    Room booking app

    The app is integrated with the LoRaWAN IoT gateways and sensors, provides room analytics, and displays real-time occupancy status.

    IoT Dashboards

    Smart telemetry data is gathered and presented in user-friendly IoT dashboards, accompanied by an analytics report. These dashboards provide insights into performance and usage statistics, including metrics such as meeting room efficiency, ‘false booking’ rates, room capacity utilization, time of usage efficiency, room occupancy rates, peak booking hours, room popularity, bookings by employees, and more. The dashboards are seamlessly synchronized with room bookings in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

    tektelic iot office solutions by euristiq


    Our client, a leading supplier of LoRaWAN IoT Gateways, decided to collaborate with Euristiq on a fully integrated end-to-end intelligent office solution for their IoT gateways and sensors. The primary objective was to address the issue of meeting room underutilization.

    The project’s requirements included the collection, processing, and visualization of smart telemetry data, tracking performance metrics, and providing meeting room efficiency statistics. The solution also needed to offer both office manager and user views.

    Euristiq delivered a fully integrated end-to-end smart office solution within a six-month timeframe. The app allows users to effortlessly view and filter available rooms based on floor, capacity, the equipment they have, and open time slots for booking. Users can reserve rooms or report any issues they encounter.

    The client received a fully functional and well-tested solution, complete with firmware source code, an application for the host, an architectural design specification, and a user manual.

    The cooperation with Euristiq proved to be successful, as the client’s meeting room booking display and app are now in production. This intelligent office solution is making a significant impact, helping office building owners and managers optimize their workspace utilization.

    Project scope


    1. Architecture engineering
    2. Decisions on the technical stack
    3. UI/UX
    4. Front-end/back-end development
    5. Quality assurance


    • Java
    • Angular
    • Spring Framework
    • JHipster
    • H2 database
    • PostgreSQL
    • Liquibase
    • Apache Maven
    • Microservice architecture
    • AWS
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript

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