Fully working street lighting IoT solution for an enterprise developed in just 2 months

Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Location: The Netherlands


The client is a multinational conglomerate corporation, one of the largest electronics companies in the world. We have developed an intelligent, adaptive street lighting control system for future-focused smart cities with an easy-to-operate mobile app where users can adjust light levels, set schedules, and change light colors remotely.

IoT smart lighting management software for an enterprise

Easy-operating light control system with a mobile app where users can manage street lamps in the city areas, change their backlight, and schedule different colors.


Tools and technologies

Google Firebase
Google Guice
Raspberry PI


Attractive dynamic illumination for modern cities

The client is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, with one of the divisions specialized in lighting. This enterprise turned to Euristiq with a smart city lighting concept.

For this R&D project, the purpose of street lighting was to create a special atmosphere in certain areas of the city, for instance, smart colorful illumination of historic sights, parks, squares, etc. This had to be achieved utilizing special hue smart light bulbs manufactured by the client.


A smart street lighting control system

The result of our collaboration is an IoT system based on the energy-efficient LED street lighting. The system allows lighting operators to control city lighting remotely via a mobile app.

Euristiq team developed a system’s backend application that is deployed on Raspberry PI and a mobile Android application for lighting operators. 

Users can change lighting settings and schedule changes of lighting color in an app. These user actions are stored in the cloud (Google Firebase). Our Java backend application listens to the events (user actions) stored in Google Firebase and via HTTP protocol sends them to an application developed by the client (deCONZ) which is also deployed on Raspberry PI. It further communicates with the lighting hardware using a wireless Zigbee connection. Upon obtaining a signal, light bulbs behave accordingly – change their hue, brightness, or switch on/off. Our backend app also sends signals to groups of lamps to check whether they are in working condition.


Easy-operating lighting management system that improves city attractiveness

Our team of two engineers developed a fully working solution ready for scaling within the two months. The groups of lights are controlled via the specific complex API calls. In order to prevent system malfunctions, lights switching was implemented as the locking mechanism.

The connected lighting management system allows city officials to control street lamps installed in various areas of the city by accommodating them for events or to express the city’s identity. 

Using a mobile app with an intuitive user-friendly interface, lighting operators can adjust lighting levels, set up dimming/brightening schedules, and create lighting patterns with different colors.

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