Real-time utility monitoring system for managing warehouses across the globe

Industry: Electronic Manufacturing
Location: USA


Our client is a company that provides IoT hardware and software solutions for organizations that automate the collection of site and asset data and transform it into actionable insights. For this client, we have developed two progressive web apps that provide analytics and allow receiving real-time alerts from sensors located in different sites, especially warehouses.

Key results we delivered

Complex and easy-to-scale IoT system for managing warehouses and helping with warehouse utility visibility, fault detection, in-house security, and reduction in resources consumption.

Warehouse management system case study

Tools and technologies



Monitoring and maintaining proper warehouse conditions

Products or assets located in warehouses often require strictly defined conditions like certain temperature or humidity levels for their proper storage. Unless these conditions are maintained, the products can go bad or equipment might malfunction which can ultimately lead to a loss of costs for businesses.

IoT sensors integrated into a system can help solve or avoid typical problems related to warehouse monitoring, maintenance, and management altogether. Our customer, a US-based manufacturer of IoT hardware and sensors, decided to expand their services for enterprises by offering more than just electronic sensors. They’ve decided to create a software solution that takes care of warehouse monitoring.

Having seen our cases on similar smart building projects, the client decided to approach Euristiq. The solution they had in mind had to be scalable, with high availability, and also had to support different types of visualizations. The main difficulty with this solution was in the large number of devices and the number of different data attributes. This asset tracking system also had to be compatible not only with the current devices that the client produces but also with other types of devices that might be connected to the system in the future.


Digital twin for warehouse utility asset management

Our cooperation with the client started with the development of a progressive web app for individual use with similar functions. This app allowed smart home owners to track the activity of sensors produced by our client, view stats and customize settings.

The working solution was built in 2,5 months. The positive reception of the app we developed stimulated our client to continue our cooperation and start a bigger-scale project with us. Thus Euristiq has picked up the development of a warehouse utility monitoring app.

Using the backend part of the solution that was already developed by the client’s team, we created a cloud-based frontend progressive web app. It is scalable, with high availability, and built on a reusable AWS infrastructure. With its simple intuitive interface, the app allows enterprise customers to easily view all their sites, buildings, and sensors on 3D floorplans, on virtual reality 360° images, or on maps. In other words, the app is a digital twin of the environments created for situational awareness.

Our IoT solution allows individual users (or a team) to have easy access via mobile devices to all their sites. They can geo-locate sensors and assets, track them in real-time, customize their settings to receive alerts when something happens, for instance, a sudden temperature rise or a gas leakage.

The solution stores, manages, and disseminates large amounts of data which can be viewed in form of Power BI reports for more accurate and faster decisions.

Our collaboration with this client is ongoing. Currently, Euristiq is developing alerts grouping that will simplify device configuration in the app. Also, we are adding support of lighting devices on a warehouse-scale, as they require specific settings.


Scalable smart warehouse monitoring system that saves time and costs

Leveraging our unique software development process, the client was able to access “Euristiq Core Framework” and our software development approaches, and as a result, benefit from predictable project budget, scope, and outcomes. The app accompanies the devices manufactured by the client and creates added value for the client’s customers.

The app helps its end-users, enterprises with large warehouses, integrate sensors, receive alerts, and view reports. Armed with this warehouse utility monitoring app that ensures the smooth running of facility processes and more efficient energy management, the customers of our clients can maintain proper warehouse conditions, prevent malfunctions, save time and operational costs connected with it.

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