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Digital Twin for Warehouse Efficiency


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    Products or assets located in warehouses often require strictly defined conditions like certain temperature or humidity levels for their proper storage. Unless these conditions are maintained, the products can go bad or equipment might malfunction which can ultimately lead to a loss of costs for businesses.

    Our client is a company that provides IoT hardware and software solutions for organizations that automate the collection of site and asset data and transform it into actionable insights. As an IoT development company, we have built for this client two web applications that work as an intelligent warehouse monitoring system, providing analytics, and real-time alerts from a large number of sensors located in different sites.

    • Co-created a complex but easy-to-scale IoT tracking system for warehouse with a simple intuitive interface
    • Real-time utility monitoring system that improves fault detection and in-house security
    • Digital product allows enterprise customers to significantly save costs on resource consumption
    iot tracking system for warehouse dmi by euristiq


    IoT sensors integrated into a system can help solve or prevent problems that warehouses encounter when storing products. Our customer, a manufacturer of IoT hardware and sensors, decided to expand its services for enterprises by offering software solutions that enhance warehouse monitoring.

    Having observed our success with similar smart building projects, the client approached Euristiq. The solution they envisioned needed to be scalable, highly available, and capable of supporting various types of visualizations. The primary challenge with this solution lay in the large number of devices and the diversity of data attributes. Additionally, the asset tracking system had to be compatible not only with the client’s current devices but also with other types of devices that might connect to the system in the future.

    Digital twin for warehouse asset tracking

    We created a cloud-based frontend progressive web app with a simple intuitive interface that is a digital twin of the environments created for situational awareness. The warehouse monitoring system is scalable, with high availability, and built on a reusable AWS infrastructure.

    Warehouse utility visibility and fault detection

    The app allows enterprise customers to easily view all their sites, buildings, and sensors on 3D floorplans, virtual reality 360° images, or on maps. Users can geo-locate sensors and assets, track them in real-time, and receive alerts when something happens, for instance, a sudden temperature rise or a gas leakage.

    Scalable warehouse monitoring system that saves time and costs

    Users can maintain proper warehouse conditions and prevent malfunctions. The solution stores, manages, and disseminates large amounts of data which can be viewed in the form of Power BI reports for more accurate and faster decisions.

    Warehouse Monitoring System dmi by euristiq


    The Euristiq team successfully delivered the working solution within a span of 2.5 months. This IoT tracking system for warehouses, complemented by WMS software, empowers enterprises with extensive storage facilities to seamlessly integrate sensors, receive real-time alerts, and access comprehensive reports.

    Equipped with this warehouse utility monitoring application, which ensures the efficient operation of facility processes and enables more effective energy management, our clients’ customers can uphold optimal warehouse conditions, proactively prevent malfunctions, and ultimately save valuable time and operational costs. The application complements the devices manufactured by our client, providing significant added value for their customers.

    The positive reception of the app we developed encouraged our client to continue our cooperation and start a larger-scale project between our teams.

    Project scope


    1. A decision on the technical stack
    2. Architecture engineering
    3. Front-end development
    4. QA
    5. Participation in product management
    6. PWA development
    7. Technical consulting
    8. Requirements elaboration


    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    • Angular
    • Jest
    • Node.js
    • MapBox
    • Matterport
    • AWS

    Client testimonial

    Euristiq was hired to integrate new UI and functionality for a digital twin application. Euristiq’s work received positive feedback from the client. Their communicative and responsive approach resulted in a smooth partnership. They were personable, hardworking, and easy to work with.
    Manager of a Software Company
    Unites States

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