A solution that helps gym owners across the globe to boost operational efficiency

Industry: IoT
Location: USA


The client is an engineering company producing equipment and sensors for sports. With the sensors installed, the value of equipment for sports business owners increases. It enables them to double the productivity of each piece, and extend its lifecycle. Hence, the client came up with the idea to create software for managing the efficiency of the sports equipment remotely.

Key results
we delivered

Sports equipment tracking
Actionable insights for fitness-focused organizations
Data for predictive maintenance of the sports equipment
Data-driven decision-making for fitness businesses

Tools and technologies

Spring Framework
AWS Fargate
AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy
AWS Cloudfront
AWS CloudFormation
AWS DynamoDB


Managing the efficiency of the sports equipment

The platform to be designed was supposed to process large amounts of data efficiently. The hardware produced by the client is equipped with sensors that collect information on equipment utilization, battery state, connectivity status, logs, odometer data, and more. The users should be able to gather such operational data and build the analytics. With that, security became vital. In particular, sensitive data had to be encrypted instead of stored on a server. Hence, implementing proper security measures was one of the priority tasks for the development team. Since it was critical for the client to deliver a fully working solution within budget and timelines we’ve chosen an end-to-end application development model of collaboration.


Fitness cloud platform for remote management of sports equipment in multiple locations

Based on the client’s budget and constraints AWS IoT functionality was reused to save costs and speed up time-to-market. AWS Fargate ensured scalability and the device emulator provided the ease of testing API and the system overall. The security requirements were covered by encrypting sensitive data.

Data tells a story that gym operators can learn a lot from. To some extent, the tools for collecting as much data as possible have a greater value than the inventory size. IoT sensors make sports inventory management easy and efficient. The combination of the cloud platform and sensors provides actionable insights into the operations of a sports facility of any size. IoT platforms are scalable, easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure, and affordable for a fixed budget.

To validate the client’s requirements and ensure that all needs are covered, Euristiq conducted a series of discussions as a part of the project discovery stage. The results were written in the Software Requirements Specification document and included the client’s vision, technical stack, architecture, and constraints. The main aims were to enable the processing of big data from devices and implement strict security policies


Increased revenue with the maximized efficiency of the spots equipment

The software was designed for the client – hardware manufacturer, and his customers – sports business owners. All users get to track the performance of the equipment to see peak hours, battery state, connectivity, and schedule maintenance.

Using the platform gym owners can evaluate their equipment’s state and reduce maintenance costs. They can also manage the reservation of equipment and see the peak hours of its use to increase the productivity and profitability of every piece. As a result, by purchasing hardware with the software from the client, customers get more value for their money.

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