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Changing the Way to Manage Street Light


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    In a digitized world, technology significantly impacts how cities are managed and run. Innovative street lights are an indispensable part of a smart city, not only essential for proper visibility and safety but also capable of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

    Our client is a multinational conglomerate corporation, one of the world’s largest electronics companies. The enterprise approached Euristiq with a vision for a smart city software solution centered around smart street light management to utilize their special street light LED hue bulbs.

    We have delivered an MVP of an intelligent, adaptive street lighting control system tailored for forward-thinking smart cities. This system is complemented by an easy-to-operate mobile app where users can adjust light levels, set schedules, and remotely change light colors.

    • Developed an MVP of a city lighting IoT solution for an enterprise in just 2 months
    • Easy-operating street light management software to control and monitor street lighting remotely
    • Utilizes special smart light bulbs manufactured by the client
    • Accompanied by a mobile app for easy maintenance and creating lighting schedules
    • Lets reduce COâ‚‚ emissions and lower energy usage and costs
    • Can create an attractive dynamic illumination in smart cities
    smart street lighting management software development for Philips by Euristiq


    The purpose of street lighting in this project was to create a special atmosphere in specific areas of the city, such as the smart illumination of historic sights, parks, squares, and more.

    IoT street light management software

    Our team developed a fully functional solution ready for scalable deployment within just two months. The system’s backend application is deployed on Raspberry PI, complemented by a mobile app designed for lighting operators. Users can effortlessly adjust the settings, schedule lighting color, hue, or brightness changes through the mobile app. Additionally, the app is equipped to identify lighting failures through continuous background monitoring of lamp groups status.

    Easy-to-operate mobile app for street lighting control

    Utilizing a mobile app with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, lighting operators can remotely control lighting levels, establish dimming/brightening schedules to provide the desired illumination, create lighting patterns with various colors, and manually override schedules in case of incidents or emergencies. The groups of lights are controlled via specific, complex API calls.

    MVP ready for scaling

    Our team has developed a scalable street lighting management software that utilizes specialized smart LED light bulbs manufactured by our client. This connected lighting control system empowers city officials to manage street lamps located in different areas of the city, adapting them for events or to reflect the city’s unique identity. To ensure system reliability and prevent malfunctions, we implemented light switching as a locking mechanism.

    street light management software application for Philips by Euristiq


    Street light management is more than just a mere illumination. Making the transition to LED city lighting not only offers substantial energy savings of 50-70%, but when coupled with smart controls, the potential for savings becomes even greater.

    At Euristiq, we have developed an innovative IoT system built around the client’s energy-efficient LED street light bulbs. Our user-friendly lighting management software empowers lighting operators to oversee and customize streetlamp settings, alter their backlighting, and schedule dynamic color changes, remotely via a mobile app.

    Connected lighting presents numerous opportunities for saving energy. It allows cities to fully harness the advantages of LED technology by enabling scene management—an intelligent adjustment of city lighting to accommodate varying nighttime hours, seasons, or special events. Lights can be dimmed during nighttime when the streets are deserted or brightened in response to traffic incidents, ensuring both safety and efficiency.

    The right city lighting possesses the potential to have a profound influence on a city’s appeal, which in turn impacts tourism and draws more visitors and investments.

    Project scope


    1. Decision on the tech stack
    2. Back-end development
    3. Technical consulting
    4. Requirements elaboration
    5. Quality assurance


    • Java/Kotlin
    • Google Firebase
    • Google Guice
    • Quartz
    • Raspberry PI
    • Android

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