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Minimizing Fraud with Digital Identity


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    The customer recognized the growing market demand for trusted digital identity services suitable for governmental applications. Leveraging our platform development services, together we built a highly-secure blockchain-based identity platform. This technology offers verifiable digital credentials, empowering end-users to manage their digital identities and provides interoperability between decentralized systems.

    • Developed a digital identity platform for verifiable credential solutions that makes identity verification more secure for end-users
    • Users can verify their identity with digital equivalents of physical documents like passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, etc.
    verifiable digital credentials by euristiq


    Our client, an identity and authentication provider based in Canada, has been in the business of creating BankID services. However, they faced a significant challenge in the Canadian authentication landscape – the absence of independently verifiable and rapidly cryptographically verified solutions. This gap highlighted the necessity for portable, secure digital credential solutions that align with industry standards.

    Recognizing this need, our client embarked on a mission to address the issue and offer users a more convenient means of managing their digital identities. To accomplish this, they engaged a team of skilled Euristiq engineers.

    Digital identity platform that uses the approach of self-sovereign identity

    The platform solves the problem of authentication without involving the centralized or federated system. It is compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards that can be used for secure digital credentials solutions.

    Solution based on Blockchain that provides decentralized interoperability

    Personal data that users share with apps, devices, and services can become the subject of breaches and privacy loss. Decentralized identity is the answer to these problems. It can provide greater privacy and control over personal data.

    Blockchain technology was used to enable decentralization. It supports decentralized public key infrastructure for verifiable digital credentials that users exchange to provide proof of identity. Blockchain was used as one of the options for Verifiable Data Registry.

    Production-ready secure platform that ensures digital credentials validity

    The technology for verifiable digital credentials gives end-users more control over access to their personal information. It simplifies issuing and verifying digital credentials for organizations, streamlines digital identity workflows, reduces human error, and increases efficiency.

    developing technology for verifiable digital credentials by euristiq


    Our ongoing cooperation with this client results in a production-ready technology for verifiable digital credentials, compliant with W3C standards that can be used for secure identity and digital credentials verification solutions. Digital equivalents of physical documents are secure, tamper-proof, and put their owner in control of their digital identity compared with physical credentials.

    These solutions are for user-centric organizations like the Government of Canada and The U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The digital platform streamlines digital identity workflows, and not only ensures digital credentials validity, but also reduces human error, and increases efficiency.

    Project scope


    1. Decision on the technical stack
    2. Requirements elaboration
    3. Custom software development
    4. Cloud adoption
    5. Front-end development
    6. Back-end development


    • GoLang
    • MondoDB
    • Postgres
    • MySQL
    • CouchDB
    • Vue.js
    • Node.js
    • WebAssembly
    • Kubernetes/AWS
    • Blockchain technologies

    Client testimonial

    Euristiq provides staff augmentation services, assisting with several development projects. They’ve specifically worked on Go programming tasks. We’ve been very happy with the quality of service they’ve provided.
    Dmitry Barinov
    VP of Technology, Avast

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