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The Future of Fleet Management


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    Telematics fleet management has rapidly evolved into an essential component of the transportation and logistics industry. It not only optimizes operations and enhances safety but also delivers substantial cost-saving advantages. A wealth of data empowers fleet companies to make precise risk assessments, promote safer driving practices, and efficiently prevent and manage accidents.

    A fleet insurance company from London came to the conclusion that data obtained from non-visual telematics isn’t sufficient to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis. Thus they saw an opportunity to create a cloud-based IoT solution that uses video telematics data from cameras. Due to our expertise in cloud development services, Euristiq was approached with the idea of creating complex telematics fleet management software. This software would optimize vehicle insurance policies and provide better driver monitoring and coaching.

    • Designed and developed a cloud-based telematics software for fleet performance analysis
    • Driver behaviour monitoring functionality for safer driving
    • Optimized vehicle insurance packages based on gathered and analyzed data
    telematics fleet management case study cubit by euristiq


    Telematics fleet management software for storing, analyzing, and categorizing visual telemetry data

    Euristiq began with the project discovery stage. After risk-free discovery, the client decided to launch a full-cycle development based on our feature-based project estimation. We performed the platform development of the telematics service on AWS from scratch, enabling the automatic collection of accident-related videos from cameras in vehicles and providing access to detailed driving records.

    The fleet management application is designed for three types of users:

    Driver behaviour monitoring software for insurance purposes

    The telematics fleet management software platform receives near-real-time visual data, which is subsequently analyzed. This data is displayed on an interactive map that shows all driving incidents from the past 24 hours. The information is categorized and presented in a dashboard with various filters. Historical data is also accessible to users with the appropriate permissions, allowing them to view each driver’s statistics and score.

    The cameras are equipped with various sensors, including proximity and speed sensors, as well as a G-Force sensor that monitors the vehicle’s inclination, tilt, and vibrations. These cameras are internet-connected, feature GPS tracking, and measure vehicle speed. The combination of these capabilities assists in incident detection.

    When a camera detects a deviation from predefined event parameters, it sends a signal to our server, which then requests a 10-second video of the potential accident—5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the event. Our platform collects these videos, which are later reviewed and categorized by the incident monitoring center. The categorization is based on trigger type, weather conditions, and driving behaviour.

    Safer driving and optimised insurer expenses

    The fleet management and driver behaviour monitoring software provide enhanced visibility into a driver’s behavior. In cases where drivers persist with their harsh driving habits, administrators coach them on safe driving behavior by sending customized notifications with warnings via SMS or WhatsApp.

    fleet management software development for cubit by euristiq


    The significance of fleet management solutions has been steadily rising, driven by the increasing need of transportation and logistics companies to optimize their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging the latest IoT technologies, we developed telematics software solution for driver behaviour monitoring and fine-tuning insurance packages.

    A web-based cloud platform utilizes video telematics data to monitor and analyze driving incidents. The platform enhances visibility into a driver’s behavior, identifies early signs of risky driving behavior, and assists in managing such cases. Furthermore, it aids insurers in minimizing their expenses.

    With this accident monitoring platform, our clients’ employees (or other companies) can monitor their fleets, coach drivers, and utilize the data to optimize vehicle insurance packages. Additionally, it can help them achieve a 25% reduction in insurance expenses compared to their competitors.

    Project scope


    1. End-to-end development
    2. Cloud adoption
    3. A decision on the technical stack
    4. Architecture engineering
      (UI/UX) design
    5. Front-end/back-end development
    6. QA
    7. Product management
    8. SaaS deployment
    9. Technical consulting
    10. Requirements elaboration


    • PostgreSQL
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Google Maps
    • Java
    • Angular
    • DDD
    • AWS
    • AWS SQS
    • AWS API Gateway
    • AWS Fargate
    • AWS RDS
    • AWS Cloudfront
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy

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