A solution that uses video telematics data to optimize vehicle insurance packages.

Industry: Insurance, Logistics
Location: Great Britain


An insurance company from London contacted Euristiq with an idea of a complex software solution that should help to solve three tasks: real-time fleet management using telematics data; safer transportations with driver behavior monitoring; and minimized insurance expenses by offering optimized vehicle insurance packages based on the collected data.

Key results we delivered

A cloud-based platform that obtains video telematics data to provide end-to-end fleet management, monitor drivers’ behavior and uses this data to optimize vehicle insurance packages.

Telematics fleet management platform, Euristiq

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Tools and technologies

Google Maps
AWS API Gateway
AWS Fargate
AWS Cloudfront
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy


Insufficient vehicle and driver data for insurance companies

The client came to the conclusion that data obtained from non-visual telematics isn’t sufficient to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis. Thus they saw an opportunity to create a cloud-based IoT solution that uses visual telematics data from cameras. Such a solution could optimize vehicle insurance policies and provide better driver monitoring and coaching.


Cloud-based platform for storing and categorizing visual telemetry data

Euristiq began the project with the Discovery stage. After six months, the client decided to launch a full-cycle development based on our feature-based project estimation.

As a result, we started developing a cloud platform that automatically collects videos of possible accidents from cameras installed in vehicles and provides access to driving record details.

The cloud platform is designed for three types of users:

  • Clients admins who have full access to the system
  • Users from the monitoring centers who view and categorize videos
  • Companies with a fleet of vehicles that need to monitor their drivers

One of the challenges our developers faced was the integration and customization of cameras because they only support protocols developed by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China which differ from the widespread protocols we are accustomed to. We connected the cameras to the AWS infrastructure and integrated them into our cloud platform.

The cameras are equipped with different kinds of sensors such as proximity and speed sensors, a G-Force sensor that tracks the vehicle’s inclination, tilt, or vibrations. They are connected to the internet, have GPS tracking, and measure vehicle speed. All these capabilities combined help detect incidents.

If the camera detects a deviation from a predefined scope of events, it sends a signal to our server which in its turn requests a 10-second video of the possible accident – 5 seconds prior and 5 seconds posterior. Our platform collects such videos which are later viewed and categorized by the incident monitoring center. They are filtered according to trigger type, weather conditions, driving behavior.


Web-based telematics fleet monitoring for data-driven vehicle insurance packages

The platform receives near real-time visual telematic data that is further analyzed. It is displayed on an interactive map that shows all driving incidents for the last 24h. The data received is categorized and displayed in a dashboard that has different filters. The historical data is also available so users who have access can see each driver’s statistics and score.In case drivers persist with their harsh driving habits, administrators coach them on safe driving behavior by manually sending custom notifications with warnings via SMS or Whatsapp. They can also add videos to their message.Our collaboration with this client is ongoing. The platform we are developing provides better visibility into a driver’s behavior and helps insurers to minimize their expenses as a result. Using this accident monitoring platform our client’s employees (or other companies) can monitor their fleets, coach drivers, and further use this data to optimize vehicle insurance packages.

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