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Safer Driving with Road Traffic Monitoring


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    Traffic monitoring is an indispensable part of modern smart cities that provide numerous benefits to citizens. One feature of traffic monitoring is automatic incident detection, which can benefit people by improving emergency response times, minimizing congestion, and helping them make informed decisions about their travel routes. Our client, a company that delivers top-tier custom solutions for a variety of use cases in smart cities and traffic management, decided to do just that. They were seeking a company providing IoT development services for a proof-of-concept for real-time road traffic monitoring software.

    • Delivered a PoC for road traffic monitoring software in 3 months
    • An intelligent traffic monitoring system, connected with camera sensors, collects data and generates reports
    • Defines the average vehicle speed on a motorway, the number of vehicles that go by, the average waiting time in a traffic jam, etc.
    • Implemented in the Dublin Port Tunnel
    road traffic monitoring software project


    We provided digital consulting for an automatic incident detection system to validate our client’s concept. Within three months, we delivered an IoT system that gathers traffic data, generates reports, and presents different types of alerts.

    A real-time IoT monitoring system

    Our real-time traffic monitoring IoT system utilizes camera sensors, video footage, and AI technology to identify incidents.

    Data management and analysis

    The IoT system features a custom data management system that aggregates data collected from cameras and conducts analysis. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly dashboard for operators, displaying detailed reports. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand form, allowing quick decision-making. The system can provide information on average vehicle speeds during specific days or hours on a motorway, the number of vehicles passing through in a given timeframe, and the typical wait times in traffic jams, among other insights.

    Automatic incident detection

    The dashboard displays various types of alerts (such as pedestrians near or on a motorway, obstacles on the motorway, broken-down vehicles, traffic jams, etc.) as well as real-time metrics (including average journey time and average speed) on a map. It records vehicle registration plates, driving speeds, pedestrian activity, and more. These features enable operators to respond effectively to road traffic incidents.

    Implemented in Dublin Port Tunnel

    The system underwent testing in the Dublin Port Tunnel, one of Europe’s largest and busiest urban tunnels of its kind. With a daily traffic flow of approximately 26,700 vehicles, our developed system can monitor vehicles traveling through the tunnel and their speeds, analyzing this data to generate comprehensive reports.


    Road traffic monitoring and management are foundational components of smart cities, particularly concerning threat detection in high-traffic and safety-critical public spaces. These systems contribute significantly to urban transportation safety by promptly identifying accidents, road hazards, and other incidents. Furthermore, they enhance efficiency by improving mobility and reducing congestion.

    The Euristiq team successfully provided a PoC of video management solution for road traffic monitoring and automatic incident detection to our client. This IoT-based traffic monitoring system was deployed within the Dublin Port Tunnel to safeguard key infrastructure and ensure the safety of citizens traveling through the tunnel.

    Project scope


    1. Decisions on the technical stack
    2. Architecture engineering
    3. UI/UX design
    4. Front-end development
    5. Back-end development
    6. Requirements elaboration
    7. Quality assurance
    8. SaaS deployment


    • .NET
    • MVC
    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
    • Google Maps
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Entity Framework Code
    • First
    • SignalR
    • AngularJS
    • HangFire
    • MySQL
    • StructureMap
    • AutoMapper

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