A web-based IoT system that gathers and analyses utility company’s data

Industry: IIoT
Location: Denmark


An international engineering consulting group, headquartered in Denmark, engaged our team for the development of an integrated utility monitoring and management system for asset management that can automatically gather utility company’s data from all sources in a utility network, analyze it and present it as key performance indicators. The solution monitors conditions and performance online, identifying areas for maintenance work and improvement.

Key results
we delivered

10XFaster troubleshooting

More than 10X decrease in time for problem resolution.

15%Operational costs decreased

Up to 15% reduction in operating costs.

Tools and technologies

Google Earth, KML


Online monitoring of relevant KPIs for utility companies

An international consulting group that specializes in engineering and professional services, headquartered in Denmark, required an online utility monitoring and management system (UMS) for utility companies that would collect and analyze data, and form relevant KPIs according to the general standards developed by the Danish water Association and Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

The UMS should collect metric data from different data sources in a utility network, such as Aquis, SCADA, GIS, CIS, Asset Management, Finance, etc. Then the data should be analyzed according to custom KPIs and presented on the map.


Holistic utility monitoring and management system

After careful consideration of the client’s requirements, we developed a web-based utility management information system for online monitoring of performance indicators.

The utility management software integrates with the utility company’s existing IT platform, databases and operating systems, and collects data from different sources in a utility network. The collected data is translated into performance indicators using an intelligent interface.

We developed sophisticated rules engine for metric analysis and alarm triggering – a complex UI and backend. This enables users to add custom rules for monitoring utility conditions that trigger alarms. 

The utility management system monitors process on a daily basis and allows users to react to any deviations from the rules and make corrections. The solution also provides company management with a quick overview. It can generate management reports, creating a unified platform for control and follow-ups.

The management information system supports the principles of continuous improvement by measuring, identifying, analyzing, and initiating improvements. If the key figures do not meet the goals, the system will define areas with potential for improvement initiatives.


Monitoring and identification of improvement areas for utility companies

The utility monitoring system collects data from GIS, SCADA, noise loggers, hydraulic models, and water samples, etc., and transforms it into valuable performance indicators and key figures, displaying them on the map. Essentially, it monitors the condition of the utility’s distribution network and then identifies and prioritizes areas for maintenance work and improvement.

The system contributes to more than x10 decrease in time for troubleshooting and problem resolution and reduces operating costs by at least 10-15%. Combined with other products developed by the client, the system helps reduce high water loss in Oslo, Norway.

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