What is
Euristiq Gap Analysis?

It is a technical interview with Euristiq top-notch technical experts. 

You apply, then we agree on a date and time that suits everyone. It can be a video interview / audio-only call / a meeting in our office – whichever format you prefer. No soft skills assessment, no company cultural fit check, just hardcore technical talk. After an interview, you’ll get feedback on your technical gaps and weaknesses so you can work on them to improve.

For whom?

Euristiq Gap Analysis is for Software Engineers who are:

  • Not being evaluated on their current jobs
  • Out of practice in attending technical interviews
  • Scared of being cross-examined during an actual job interview
  • Eager to test their technical knowledge and reveal gaps
  • Planning to get to the next level in their career

How to apply?

Step-by-step guide on how to participate in Euristiq Gap Analysis.
Apply filling out the form on this page

Click on the “Apply now” button above and fill out the form, leaving a link to your Linkedin profile and an email address, so our coordination could contact you.

Get an email with an invite from us

In three business days after you applied, our coordinator will contact you to agree on a time and format (it can be audio-only call, video call, or you can come to our office).

Attend the Gap Analysis interview

Consult our Competencies Matrix below to define the areas you would like to talk about during the Gap Analysis interview. The interview will last up to 2 hours.

Receive professional evaluation

Our experts will define the areas in your technical knowledge where you have gaps. After the interview you will receive an email with your score and recommendations.

Java Competency Matrix

Technical skills for Java Software Developers of different levels.

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