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Consumer IoT Solutions

We equip companies in the hardware and electronics manufacturing sector with consumer IoT solutions and digital consulting services that bring convenience to their customers and contribute to their wellness. Unlock capabilities of your smartphones, wearables, and smart home appliances connecting them, enabling real-time monitoring, control, and data collection.
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Consumer IoT in Action

We help companies in the consumer sector scale engineering capacity and deliver great software solutions that accompany their products.
HeartZones: Fitness, web engineering

Enhancing training in schools, sport clubs and rehabilitation centers

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IoT application

for wearable devices

Add connectivity to your wearable gadgets, sport and fitness trackers, smartwatches, hearables, smart headwear, pet trackers, hearables, or HMDs that can monitor physical activity and collect various real-time data. Connect your gadgets to the web, desktop, or mobile apps, to enable seamless user-to-device interactions.
Farming, app re-engineering

Seamless modernization of an end-user application for managing connected devices

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IoT dashboards

and visualizations

Design and develop interactive IoT dashboards with insightful visualizations that will help to bring your business to the next level. With tailored consumer IoT solutions and services our team can help you plan, design and implement intuitive UX/UI design, profound data analytics with real-time notifications.
IoT, web engineering

Efficient workforce management and office space utilization

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Consumer IoT

for smart homes

We create end-to-end smart home solutions for real-time monitoring and adjusting of smart home devices. Connected home solutions allow us to optimize energy use, improve security, and manage home appliances through one control point.
Wellness, web engineering

How our clients built an IoT platform to level up their business potential

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IoT platforms

Build your own IoT platform to manage electronic devices, installations, and other aspects of the hardware/software lifecycle. An advanced IoT platform fueled by data can give your business more control over processes and optimize your entire value chain.

Our clients

Over the years Euristiq is being digital transformation partner for industry leaders.

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consumer IoT solutions

Firmware Development for iot project lumintell by euristiq

Build modern IoT solutions

Provide more value for your customers by adding connectivity to your consumer electronic products. Our teams develop custom IoT solutions for various wearables, smart home appliances, pet trackers, and personal monitoring devices that collect biometric data and can be accessed through a single control point.

Use best network to connect devices

Create IoT networks for your consumer devices connecting them with the most suitable technology – Bluetooth, WiFi, or ZigBee. We can build high-end smart home applications that comply with all security requirements, connecting wearable tech, appliances, and even autonomous cars into a smart ecosystem.

Collect data and analyze in real-time

Capitalize on IoT data gaining insights that help better understand your customers and improve your products. We can help you build IoT solutions that securely collect, store and process data from smart home devices and personal gadgets for personal healthcare, preventive maintenance, and product improvement.

Remotely cofigure and manage IoT devices

IoT-enabled consumer devices and smart home components improve the living standard and wellbeing of your customers. Use custom IoT solutions not only to manage device lifecycles, send over-the-air software updates, and collect user behavior data, but also to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Enhance consumer IoT solutions

Increase the capabilities of your consumer IoT software with customizable dashboards, flexible UI, and enhanced device data analytics. Improve product quality, safety, and security, deliver seamless user experience, and save costs with remote maintenance. We can help you yield more efficiency from your IoT devices.

Secure consumer IoT solutions

Make sure your IoT software and end-user data are protected from security threats and cyber-attacks. We can help protect your connected devices and cloud networks by properly testing your software, encrypting data transmissions, monitoring for malicious behavior, enabling multi-factor device authentication, and more.

What we do

Benefit from our consumer IoT application development services to enable modern IoT capabilities for consumer-focused wearable devices
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Digital consulting

Reach your business goals with tailored IoT consulting services.
Reach your business goals with tailored IoT consulting services.

We can help with the project concept validation, architecture engineering, software and network capabilities audit, IoT tech stack, and development strategy.

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App development

From project planning, developing, testing to deployment ans support.
From project planning, developing, testing to deployment ans support.

Full-cycle consumer IoT software development services for companies looking to add smart connectivity to their devices and maximize their capabilities.

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Legacy modernization

Bring innovation into existing consumer IoT solutions.
Bring innovation into existing consumer IoT solutions.

Improve product look and feel by implementing modern technologies and design tricks into outdated consumer IoT applications.

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Why work with us


IoT center of excellence

Our IoT development team has extensive experience in creating custom IoT software for multiple connected devices, PoCs under tight deadlines, and IoT projects with no analogs on the market.

Multi-cloud expertise

The majority of connected personal gadgets and smart home devices are operating in the cloud. Being the experts in cloud computing and IoT platforms, we can help you with cloud adoption from the most suitable provider.

Device-focused solutions

Unlock the hidden potential of your consumer electronics with device-focused solutions. Collect and analyze data, monitor performance, troubleshoot remotely and send over-the-air updates.

Flexible collaboration models

Each IoT project has unique hardware and software requirements. We offer simple collaboration options depending on the client’s desired level of involvement in an IoT project.