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Software Development Process

We give our clients transparency and predictability in terms of project budget, timeline, and scope.


Our software development process will get your digital product to market 20%-30% faster and with minimized risks. We ensure predictable deliverables, fast project ramp-up, and a scalable solution from the day one.
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Product Development
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Maintenance & Support
Code refactoring
  • Milestone-based delivery
  • Change management process
euristiq's software development process

Development Process Steps

During the Presale, we try to reach a shared understanding with the client. We define their pain points and how we can solve them.
The main goal is to validate the client’s idea, understand their constraints (scope, timeline, budget), and identify opportunities.
Presale outcome: A high-level software project description with a ballpark time and cost estimate.
software development process step 1 presale, euristiq step 1 presale, software development process, euristiq
The Discovery service sprint is a risk-free stage of the software development process for the client. Discovery lasts for ~2-4 weeks during which Euristiq prepares a customized time and cost proposal.
The main goal is to conduct a series of interviews and workshops with the client to specify the project, its scope, business, and technical constraints.
Outcomes: Solution Concept Vision, Software Requirements Specification, Solution Architecture, proposed UI/UX Design Concepts, Project Roadmap with the detailed timeline, and a feature-based project cost estimate.
People involved:
  • Euristiq: Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Solution Architect
  • Client: Business Owner, Subject-Matter Expert
step 2 discovery, software development process, euristiq step 2 discovery, software development process, euristiq
Product development
Euristiq invests in its internal codebase and software engines that are often reused. This enables us to start the project within 2 weeks after it is signed, deliver the first milestone 1 month after the start, and reduce time-to-market by 15-30%.
To stay flexible we use the combination of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. This allows us to receive and act early upon feedback, and at the same time to have strict deliverables and timelines.
The project is broken down into milestones (4-6 weeks long) that correspond to business priorities and technical dependencies. The client accepts each milestone and can address any issues or questions. Also, the client can influence the scope via our Change Management Process.
software development process step 3, euristiq step 3, software development process, euristiq
During the development, the client has control, flexibility, and influence to make changes to the project scope. The Change Management Process is the mechanism for it.
Any issues or questions of the client are processed as a Change Request where we evaluate the impact on the budget and the timeline and provide it to the client for approval. As a result, the client has a transparent and predictable price and timeline from the start and complete flexibility in terms of scope during the development.
software development process step 4 change management, euristiq step 4 change management, software development process, euristiq
We are not only developing a software product with you but also providing technical support and maintenance after the product release.
To ensure flawless application transition from Euristiq to the client, all architecture components are documented, and all source code is transferred to the client’s version control system.
We guarantee a 12 months warranty period, continuous maintenance, and support if needed.
software development process step 5 release, euristiq step 5 release, software development process, euristiq
Maintenance and support
Euristiq provides a result-oriented software development process to deliver market-ready digital products with flawless application transition and 1 year guarantee.
We also offer the client our maintenance and support services to ensure constant technical support when clients need to scale, integrate, update, and transform their digital products.
The main goal: Full-time technical support years after the product is launched.

What you’ll get


Quick start

We can start the project within 2 weeks after it’s signed, deliver the first milestone 1 month after.

Shared risks

With fixed-price model and clear feature-based estimation we share your project risks.


We give our clients transparency and predictability in terms of project budget, timeline, and scope

Development flexibility

During the development, the client has control, flexibility, and influence to make changes.

1 year warranty

We deliver code of the highest quality therefore we give our client 12 months warranty period.


The client can focus on their core business but will remain in the loop and in control of their project.

Our clients

Over the years, Euristiq has been a trusted partner for companies with global impact. With our result-oriented software development process we deliver products that drive growth.

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digital transformation projects euristiq delivered
digital transformation projects euristiq delivered