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Digital Consulting

We offer digital consulting services focusing on delivering business value for our clients. Knowing that market-winning software solutions are built with cutting-edge tech and result-oriented strategy, our experts stay abreast of emerging technologies and can help you cover technical gaps with the right digital transformation approach. Drive change with a trusted digital consulting agency.
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What we do

Get access to the digital consulting services and technology expertise you don’t have in-house and receive a well-defined roadmap of a digital transformation journey.
e-commerce, legacy modernization

Luxurious user experience and sky-high performance for one of the largest Airline

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Performance and customer engagement

Win customer engagement with intuitive user experience. Upgrade speed and performance of your systems, and obtain a detailed analysis of the availability and scalability to prepare for digital acceleration with our digital consulting.
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insurance, cloud adoption

Revolutionazing workflow with cloud-based document management

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adoption strategy

Addressing your most urgent concerns regarding cloud platforms, starting from platform selection to seamless cloud migration, cloud computing, dynamic scalability, and making your systems available 24/7.
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farming, digital consulting

How our modernization efforts empowered precision agriculture

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We assess the state of your IT capabilities or your current architecture to suggest the technologies or technological workarounds that will best suit your business needs, security requirements and integration needs with third party tools.
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energy, web engineering

Smart lighting solution with efficient data management of 2m connected devices

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Data management

and advanced analytics

Define your data strategy and establish priorities for data-driven growth and streamlined operations. Discover how to transform raw data into actionable intelligence through data visualization and forecast market trends using AI.
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insurance, digital consulting

How our project discovery service helped to save 50% costs on development

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product discovery

Risk-free discovery service will help you map out the development strategy for your project with clear roadmap, time and cost estimates. As well as pinpoint the technical vulnerabilities of your existing products from examining architecture to data security and performance.
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Leverage our

digital consultancy

Case study about real estate app development

Use our services to

Innovate with future tech

We will determine the perfect mix of skills, technology, and scale tailored for your business needs. Build your product using technologies that will foster rapid cross-functional innovation and offer more personalized interactions for your clients. Navigate the evolving ecosystem with technologies that will help you achieve your objectives. Achieve faster growth and greater productivity with our digital consulting services.

Transform with better design

Your compelling digital product starts with a clear and well-thought-out design that will enhance user experience and streamline the development process.

Our Discovery service dives deep into validating concepts starting with prototyping, ensuring that our clients achieve better product design with a focus on usability.

We will provide visual layout of a software product that can be further used by developers and designers, ensuring alignment across teams and reducing the product’s time-to-market.

  • Prototyping
  • Product roadmapping
  • Technological design

Optimize with IoT

Our IoT development digital consulting can guide your organization towards a data-driven future. We offer a detailed analysis of your IoT product idea, provide expert consultation on network and cloud connectivity, and can deliver a PoC to test your concept. We address challenges associated with scalability, security, and performance. With our digital consulting expertise, you’ll be well-equipped to transform your IoT ideas into successful, tangible products.

We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Asset tracking
  • Wearable devices
  • Data storage and analysis
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Smart home and smart cities solutions
  • Energy management and optimization
  • Fleet management and monitoring
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) integrations
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Security and privacy solutions for IoT devices
  • Integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Custom IoT application development
  • IoT platform selection and deployment
  • Agricultural IoT applications

Modernize legacy software

Boost operational efficiency by modernizing your legacy systems and eliminating technical debt. With our digital transformation roadmap, you can streamline processes, enhance user experience, and optimize the performance of your mission-critical applications. Embrace change and pave the way for future growth by updating your outdated software platforms.

Build custom digital platforms

Our digital platform consulting services provide insights into developing software platforms with a focus on high availability and scalability. Create custom digital platforms that serve as a robust technological foundation for your organization, tailored to your specific business requirements. We offer expert architecture design, seamless integration, and comprehensive security measures.

Manage risks with NFR

Managing risks associated with non-functional requirements (NFRs) is crucial, as these requirements frequently address factors that significantly impact system performance, security, usability, and maintainability. Make sure that your IT system’s architecture aligns with these demands throughout all stages of project development.

Accessibility and inclusion assessment

Create a more user-friendly and accessible software experience for your users by ensuring it’s inclusive and accessible to all.

We’ll evaluate your product and provide guidance on tailoring it for users of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and contexts, ensuring compliance with established guidelines and standards.

Broaden your audience by integrating accessibility and inclusion features into your software.

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Set clear goals that yield tangible results with our digital consulting services.
COO, Lyubomyr Lyadyk

“To ensure our clients’ business safety, we now have the highest “A” insurance coverage from companies recognized by A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings”


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Prioritize portability, cost-effectiveness, and consistent performance with the right cloud provider
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euristiq software development experts
euristiq software development experts


project discovery

Within 2-4 weeks get project estimates, including time, budget, and the full set of technical documentation.

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Our clients say…

We went with Euristiq because of the high level of up front detailed analysis put into the proposal.
Co-Founder, Vamest
The Euristiq team was an effective partner and willing to put in extra work to deliver a strong product.
Technology Manager, Novalume
We’re very pleased with their level of expertise, professionalism, and availability. We are overall very satisfied.
CEO, Soralink

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