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Project Discovery

Bridge the gap between the business concept of your software project and its technical realization – an IT solution. Our IT project discovery phase will help you to identify technical requirements and accurately estimate the costs for your project development.
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What you’ll get

Final deliverables of the Discovery service that set clear further steps in the software application development

Discovery cases

Explore how we work together with our clients to achieve a mutual understanding of the product vision and helped them to define technical constraints which will help us map out software product development plan.

Co-create with our

result-oriented team

Partner with us to build your products 20-30% faster.

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euristiq software development experts
euristiq software development experts

Project discovery includes

We will sit down with you to discuss your most pressing needs and how they can be met with a software solution.

Defining business goals

We identify fundamental goals, general scope, business, and user needs to develop a conceptual prototype and architectural design.

Clarification of success criteria

We identify the key quality attributes of a product that signify a successful outcome of the project to the client, end-user, and stakeholders.

Technical requirements

We provide functional and technical analysis of the software application, suggest relevant technologies for the development, and estimate features.

Rolling out system prototype

We create a conceptual visual model of the system, to evaluate, test, and validate the usability of the software application.

Roadmap planning

We plan the solution implementation, suggest the most appropriate technology stack, and generate the final deliverables.

Time and budget estimation

We outline the development stages of solution development, including the cost, time frame, team structure, and collaboration process design.

Don’t guess, be certain


Well-defined requirements

You will get detailed documentation of all project technical requirements that will translate your business objectives into a roadmap to the development team.

Minimize risks

A technical vision of the project with correct time/cost estimates mitigates the risks of major technical issues with your software application during the development stage.

Save time and costs

After our Discovery, you won’t have to change the development course or make major technical adjustments halfway into the project, which will save you time and money.


discovery service

Let’s arrange a short meeting to brainstorm how we can help you with plan, build or modernize your IT project

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