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The Ultimate Guide to Driver Management System: Boosting Fleet Efficiency and Safety

Olia Rudkovska
December 14, 2023
10 mins to read

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    Managing drivers is about safety and productivity. The driver’s job depends on the work environment, the quality of the vehicle, the work schedule, and the workload. All these aspects need to be balanced well to ensure that the driver gets the resources to do the job, but also has the knowledge of how to use them. Let’s say you have a complicated protocol on work logs. The person may be ignoring them because the task is daunting and time-consuming. Another reason is a lack of a proper driver management system in the organization. It gives answers to the most critical challenges of transportation businesses and uncovers the full potential of even the smallest fleet management business.

    What is the most common reason for accidents that happen to your drivers? Managers often delegate this investigation to insurance companies. However, it is valuable data for business. Knowing where the problem is, allows you to provide the relevant training. How to implement a system that would collect such information? The answer is driver management software.

    In this article, we will look into developing a driver monitoring app that can become a solid ground for the business, ensure the safety of work for drivers, and operational efficiency for managers.

    Why does driver management need improvement?

    In a race to achieve better performance and higher revenue, driver management is often pushed lower on the priority list. However, setting up a better environment for their work is crucial. It is not always about raising a salary or having more days off. The workload should be distributed well, and the tools for doing the job should be convenient. As a rule of thumb, technology is designed with user-friendliness in mind. So, when it comes to a driver, the work tools be it a vehicle or a log book must be easy to use.

    Regulations compliance

    When it comes to compliance, it becomes a burden for all the stakeholders. The managers should keep an eye on the working hours of each driver to avoid penalties which can become quite painful. Lost or incorrectly written data about the technical state of the vehicle, or the work log of a driver leads to more time spent on fixing it, and of course, expenses.


    Safety is not only about following traffic rules, it is about the general attitude of the driver and his driving habits. While violations of road safety rules always come out whenever you get fined, driving habits might become a silent enemy. Unless a company resorts to IoT sensors that provide sufficient data on the driver’s behavior while driving.


    What are the vulnerabilities of your operations? Have you noticed how driver productivity affects it? No-shows, delays, and waiting times are often considered inevitable. Yet, there are multiple ways to reduce the damage they do. Wondering how to improve operational efficiency with technology? Optimizing the routes and multiloading, real-time traffic monitoring to enable drivers and managers to make on-the-move decisions.

    What is driver management software?

    Driver management software is a system that helps increase driver productivity by providing easy-to-use tools for all the stakeholders (drivers, managers, insurance providers, partners, etc.). It usually comes in a package with fleet management software. Options for improving driver’s work are multiple and since the software is custom-made, businesses can have the most suitable solutions designed.

    Benefits of driver management software

    So, what are the main functions that driver management software can perform? We often hear that they improve and help, let’s look at practical examples of how and what tools are there.

    benefits of driver management software

    How to build a custom driver monitoring app from scratch

    Custom driver monitoring app allows the users to fill the gaps in operations but also improve them. If you still have outdated processes, like using paperwork, or your routing is not optimized, the money is slipping through your fingers.

    To create a velue-driven digital vehicle management systems it is worth considering your business needs. What does your company do? What are the routine tasks of every employee and how can they be assisted?
    If you struggle to identify these points, you can go to a tech consultant and book a project discovery service that will sort out all the technical aspects of the project concept and cost estimates.

    The technical side that the developers can take care of includes:

    The point of the app is to become a one-in-all solution for the driver. It should be a tool in which they can perform and report all the tasks, and be sure that there is no need to double-check the information. Here are some of the possible features:

    If you want to take the vehicle and driver management application to the next level, here is an example of turning a regular tool for telematics into an educational platform.

    driver monitoring app features

    How much does the driver management software cost?

    So, you decided to build a driver management system tailored to your specific business needs? Surely, you are hesitant to start it, since it is believed to cost a fortune. Everyone wants to have exhaustive information on the development costs, and fears seeing hidden ones. The data on the efficiency of mobile apps speaks for itself and leads to the conclusion that the game is worth the candle. In 2022, the number of released mobile apps through Google Play only reached 97 thousand.

    With Euristiq, you can get your detailed cost and time estimate to be fully aware of the expenses ahead. The main factor influencing the price is complexity. To explore the potential of the idea, we offer project discovery. This phase can last from one to three weeks, depending on how sophisticated the solution is. Upon completion of discovery, you get a roadmap for the project.

    Below is a detailed table outlining the various costs associated with developing an IoT driver monitoring app, providing a clear breakdown of expenses to help you budget effectively for your project.

    PLATFORM/SCALEDozens of thousands
    of devices for each
    Thousands for each tenantSeveral devices for each tenantSeveral devices for each tenant
    DEVICE COMMUNICATIONTransmits data through low-level TCPTransmits data using MQTT and HTTP protocolsTransmits data using MQTT and HTTP protocolsTransmits data using MQTT and HTTP protocols
    DATA GRANULARITYEvery few seconds, each device transmits raw dataEach device transmits raw data dailyDevices transmit data to the device gateway, which then compiles and aggregates the dataDevices forward data to the device gateway, where it is collected and aggregated
    DATA LOADHigh volume dataMedium volume
    Small volume dataSmall volume data
    IOT PLATFORM FUNCTIONALITYThe platform provides extra features beyond data storage and processingSimply data processing and dashboard displaysOnly data processing, without any visualizationOnly data processing, without any visualization
    IOT PLATFORM TYPESIoT platform featuring a web application for administrators and a mobile app for clientsIoT platform equipped with a web application designed for both administrators and clientsIoT platform that includes a web application exclusively for administrative purposesA basic IoT platform focused solely on data storage, with minimal or no user interface representation
    IOT WEB APP DESIGNPersonalized designs with custom componentsCustom-made designs created using a standard UI libraryStandard designs derived from a typical UI libraryDefault designs utilizing a standard UI library

    Having a contingency plan is always a good idea, so Euristiq offers a change management process that allows you to make corrections when the development is up and running. In this way, you will never be surprised by the bill and will be able to prioritize. To get your product on the market, you often need to start small and add features on the go.

    Euristiq Case: Telematics Fleet Management and Driver Behavior Monitoring Platform

    An insurance company from London decided to design a solution that would optimize insurance packages for transportation companies. The client had previous experience collecting non-visual data, and it proved to be inefficient. It led to the conclusion that video data would change the quality of the collected data dramatically.

    Our team researched the hardware provided by the client in order to ensure that connectivity is possible. As a result of the project discovery phase, we produced a feature-based estimation and started the development.
    While working on the case, we realized that driving records have more potential and can serve as more than just proof of an accident. They can be used to educate the drivers, point out their mistakes, hold them accountable, and most importantly warn them of a hazard.

    The client received a well-designed cloud platform for three types of users:

    Based on the received data the platform provides an interactive map of incidents and provides filters for sorting out the historical data. Access to the driver’s profile allows managers to send alerts about dangerous driving. Such cloud-platform allowed the client to minimize the expenses on incidents, and change the approach to forming the insurance packages. Basically, the client modified operations in a more cost-effective way. The main driver of such transformation was properly collected and presented telematics.

    Digitalize your driver management system with Eursitiq

    Digital transformation is listed as one of the key business drivers across companies in Europe and the United States. All industries without exceptions benefited in one or another way from the technological revolution. It forced business owners to look at their operations from a different perspective. Driver safety, workload, vehicle maintenance, and utilization became capabilities with new potential. As it appeared, with the technology, you do not need to replace the assets if your budget does not allow it. Instead, you can change the approach to using it.

    In the center of digitalization is data. Considering your assets as a source of information, collecting data, and making decisions based on it turned out to be a more relevant and fruitful approach. So, what kind of data-driven decisions can be made regarding the driver’s behavior monitoring? Is it worth investing in it?

    Eursitiq’s expertise covers multiple areas including IoT and cloud adoption. The current software market for vehicle and driver management is rapidly gaining momentum and the main force behind it is technology. Based on our previous experience with our clients, we know what works and brings results. Hence, our approach is result-oriented. We provide lasting solutions and guarantee fast time-to-market. Have an idea? Want to improve your business but not sure how? Let’s have a chat and find out how your platform should look. Customized software solves most of the pressing problems and leaves a lot of time and resources to plan a strategy for expansion, and sales increase while being confident that your tech side provides a solid backup. Book a consultation and we will guide you through opportunities and help overcome obstacles.

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