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How can technology solve the energy crisis

Disruptive technologies can help to solve the energy crisis and create more sustainable living by helping energy-dependent businesses collect data about energy use, track consumption, make predictions and promote data-driven decisions. Digital technologies alone could deliver up to 20% of the 2050 emission reduction needed to hit the net-zero aim.

The energy crisis that the world has plunged into, is becoming more and more evident and tangible. Global warming and climate change, a full-scale war that Russia started in Ukraine, all influence the European and worldwide energy markets.

In this whitepaper, created by Euristiq, we describe factors that influence the global energy crisis and how every organization can contribute to battling it with tech developments, tapping into disruptive technologies for more efficient energy management.

Digital transformation for energy-dependent businesses

Modern technologies like AI and IoT have the means to alleviate the energy crisis, and as a rule, such hardships and limitations lead to new inventions that can change the world.

Solutions that collect data about energy use, make predictions and promote data-driven decisions are becoming a must for every energy-conscious business.

We’ve collected a number of advanced technologies and solutions that will help to create more sustainable living and describe them in full detail in our eBook:

  • Internet of Things: IoT solutions keep track of energy consumption thus saving businesses costs
  • Automation: Creating a network of devices to control remotely and set schedules
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI notices patterns from the past and can predict supply and demand issues before they occur
  • Simulation: Building Energy Modeling software is used in architectural design to create energy-efficient buildings
  • Big Data: Companies can use analyzed big data to model their energy usage patterns
  • Smart grids: Smart grids give consumers the tools to make the best use of electricity
  • Digital twins: Digital twin is a full digital replica of equipment in the cloud that monitors and optimizes its maintenance
  • Smart cities: Smart cities monitor energy usage with smart city lighting and smart buildings

Start your digital transformation journey

As an IT company delivering technology solutions that improve operational efficiency, optimize energy use and help our clients reach their goals, we know a thing or two about developing and adopting efficient energy management systems. Download our eBook to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding energy-efficient solutions and tackling the energy crisis.

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