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Calculating the IoT app development cost

IoT offers multiple opportunities for businesses to increase efficiency, decrease operating costs, gain insights into their business, and streamline operations.

The benefits are so numerous that implementing IoT looks like a logical next step. Although not all business owners hurry to implement IoT solutions, as they are notorious for being too complex and expensive.

So how much does it actually cost to develop an IoT app? In this whitepaper, we debunk the complexity myth by breaking down a typical IoT solution into its constituents to find out what cost-effective decisions you as a business owner can take at each stage of the development process.

IoT solution layers and challenges in the app development

Building a custom IoT application from scratch might cost from $100k to $500k+ and can take from 6+ months to a few years. We discuss each layer of the solution to help you gain a more exact understanding of what influences the development cost.

You’ll find out about:

  • Constituents of an IoT solution: hardware, connectivity network, IoT platform, software application, security
  • How to calculate the total cost of an IoT software application
  • Hidden costs of IoT app development: security, interoperability, scalability, scaling up, adding changes to the scope
  • What influences the IoT application development cost: IoT app features, UX/UI complexity, types of devices, OS, and API integrations.

Start your own IoT project

With IoT solutions, when too many components are at play, the price can fluctuate depending on your requirements and expectations. Download our eBook to be armed with information that won’t let you rush into the IoT development headlong but will help you make calculated decisions that best suit your business.

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