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Energy Management Software Development

With years of experience in custom energy management software development, we help our clients to build smart energy saving and utility monitoring solutions that are scalable and immediately operable. From smart street lighting to intelligent city management, real-time utility monitoring, your business can leverage operational efficiency in the era of smart resource management.
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What we do

Our energy management solutions are easy to scale in terms of third-party system integrations and rapidly growing numbers of devices. Integrated solutions with external ecosystems can harvest smart data from IoT plugins and create advanced data analytics.
Street lighting, web engineering

Changing the way to manage street light with easy-operating mobile app

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Intelligent energy management solutions

In close collaboration with our clients, we can build tailored energy management software to remotely control and monitor an unlimited number of connected units across the globe.
Energy, web engineering

Optimizing device configuration and field service with IoT technology

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and service platform

Unlock real-time coordination and planning in intuitive dashboards to boost performance of your field maintenance workers and optimize communication between offices.
Utility, digital twin

Going from guesswork to precision with cloud data hub and visualization

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business decisions

Simplify data gathering, get detailed failure reports in real-time, and receive data insights with custom dashboards and performance reports to unlock further savings.
IoT ecosystem, web engineering

Building “plug and play” energy management system for 2m connected devices

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API for future integration with ecosystems

We build custom energy management software that is easy to scale in terms of third-party system integrations and rapidly growing asset tracking devices.

What kind of projects

we build

city lighting management software development for lumintell by euristiq

Co-create with IoT

cloud agnostic experts

Prioritise portability, cost-effectiveness, and consistent performance.

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Platforms for software development

Custom energy

management software

Firmware Development for iot project lumintell by euristiq

Drive efficiency

Complex systems engineering

Building energy systems that analyze and optimize energy generation, storage, distribution, and consumption. Benefit from advanced energy management solutions, grid stability, and efficient energy use. Process large amounts of real-time data to forecast energy demand, minimize energy losses, and save costs. We also can work together to extend or upgrade your existing energy management system with maintenance and service platform.

Process automation

Optimize and transform your energy processes to boost efficiency and profitability. Make the most out of your energy management software system by improving data aggregation and analysis, and extending the longevity of power-related assets. Unlock operational cost savings and emission reductions with custom energy management software development.

Dashboards and reporting tools

Monitor real-time energy consumption and display energy metrics in intuitive, customized dashboards. Derive value from your resource data using tailored reporting tools. Convert raw data into actionable insights that assist in achieving your sustainability goals and facilitate budget planning a year in advance.

360 degree measurement, tracking and reporting for facilities to help drive energy savings and sustainability plans.

  • Complete single facility energy dashboard
  • Measure and track electricity, gas, water and steam usage
  • Energy analyst support

24/7 visualization of your real-time facility energy use against local energy market demand forecasts and weather.

  • Curtailment advice to avoid peak charges
  • Current and historical peaks
  • Dynamic graphical interface with time travel
  • Leading peak notification service

Energy intelligence

Get an in-depth look into your energy distribution to track, analyze, and control your energy expenditure. Arm yourself with real-time visibility into your energy and sustainability metrics to forecast demand and make intelligent decisions that add value to your business operations.

Metering and testing

Adopt smart metering to analyze energy consumption trends and lower your energy spending. Utility companies can benefit from smart metering solutions as they provide a reliable means of monitoring power usage, and as a result improve energy efficiency, power availability, and reliability.

Digital transformation

Get your facilities ready for digital transformation to revolutionize your approach to energy production, distribution, and usage. Leverage digital consulting services to advance toward sustainability, transiting to renewable energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and building more transparent supply chains. We can work together to extend or upgrade your existing energy management system with maintenance and service platform. We also offer a simple approach to custom energy management software development, which we use to help our clients unlock operational efficiency and energy-saving technology to advance their businesses.


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Approach to project delivery


Intro meeting

During an intro call with our experts, we will dive into the core of your problem and define the ways to plan, build or modernize energy management software according to your vision, needs and resources.

Project discovery

During 2-4 weeks we will define all technical requirements, providing software architecture and tech stack, design wireframes, SRS, and a project roadmap with detailed feature-based cost estimation.

Product development

Our process for custom energy management software development ensures that we deliver solutions within the agreed scope and budget, as determined by our feature-based estimate.

Market-ready product

With years of expertise in custom energy management software development, we deliver projects 20-30% faster than the industry average, with transparency and predictability.

Our clients

Empower your company with workflow management, grid monitoring, real-time notification and alerting system to work less and deliver more.

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