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Legacy Modernization

Our legacy modernization services empower enterprises and small businesses across diverse industries to renew their existing applications, enhancing their functionality with no disruptions to the system. Leverage cutting-edge technologies and drive your transition to the cloud or implement AI strategy to unlock automation, reach better operational efficiency, achieve scalability, foster innovation, and minimize costs.
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What we do

We offer a full spectrum of application modernization services, enabling businesses to migrate swiftly and confidently while tapping into the potential of new technologies.
Avia, legacy modernization

Sky-high performance and cloud migration for one of the largest Airline

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Cloud migration and cloud-native application

We’re here to assist you in planning and executing the optimal cloud migration strategy. Siemlesly migrate your data, workloads, apps or even entire platforms to the best cloud provider. Enable microservices implementation for enhanced performance, scalability, and security.
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Energy, IoT system modernization

Modernizing smart city lighting system for 2m connected devices in use

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With application modernization services rebuild your legacy software preserving original scope to gain high availability. Redesign or restructure existing systems to improve performance, modernize the technology stack, and meet current business requirements.
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Invesmens, legacy maintenance

Combining legacy and modern tech to unlock workflow automation

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Legacy software maintenance

Our legacy software maintenance service that includes routine updates, bug fixes, and performance optimizations, ensures your systems remain robust and updated without requiring a complete overhaul.
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Farming, digital consulting

From outdated to precision farming with seamless app modernization

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Application and technical architecture advisory

We conduct a meticulous assessment of your existing legacy applications and technical architectures, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive modernization roadmap. We can advise on a new tech stack to align your apps with business objectives and capabilities.
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Investments, legacy modernization

Maximizing investments returns by modernizing legacy software

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Mainframe application modernization

Update and transform your legacy mainframe systems by migrating data to the cloud and developing cloud-native applications on the mainframe, to be more aligned with current and future business demands.
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modernization services

Case study about real estate app development

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Sky-high performance and speed

Accelerate your cloud migration ensuring seamless global availability and the capacity to scale to millions of users. We provide platform infrastructure and feature upgrades to keep your applications up-to-date. Partner with us to transform your legacy apps into high-performing, scalable assets, primed for today’s digital demands.

Better operational efficiency

We will delicately upgrade your existing operational systems, ensuring a seamless transition. Increase your organization’s capabilities, boosting productivity and ROI through modern, cloud-based solutions. Integrate, store, and protect data smoothly, and build up actionable analytics. Benefit from streamlined operations that propels your business forward.

  • Data migration & integration
  • Application refactoring
  • Cloud-native development
  • Microservices architecture
  • DevOps
  • Cybersecurity enhancements

High-load systems

Our teams possess extensive technological expertise in developing high-load systems capable of handling immense volumes of server requests, while ensuring fault tolerance, reliability, and responsiveness. Through a blend of cutting-edge technologies, improved architectural design, containerization, microservices, or serverless architecture, we will upgrade your legacy applications to bolster scalability, enhance availability, and eliminate downtime.

DevOps transformation

Leverage DevOps methodologies and tools to centralize automation in your modernization journey. Embrace agility, enhance cloud capabilities, and accelerate innovation. Elevate productivity, optimize processes, amplify deployment frequencies, and improve product quality.

Profound cyber security

Legacy systems with no longer supported software are less resistant to cyberattacks and malware. We protect enterprises from the negative impact of software security holes, building the cyber resilience they need to keep the system and its data protected from breaches.

Scale across markets and verticals

We help businesses unlock their profit potential, and increase productivity without disrupting their day-to-day operations. Both horizontal and vertical scaling requires adding computing resources to the existing structure, and we have the right expertise to support you in that. Whether you’re looking to scale across a few devices or achieve seamless scalability to thousands of devices on a city scale, we have got you covered.

Customer winning UX/UI

Validate your ideas at the early stages of the legacy transformation project to avoid ending up with an inefficient design that drives customers away. Revamp your interfaces by incorporating contemporary design principles, unlocking the true power of your modernized systems. Our experts create the UI/UX design that helps cut delivery times, is adaptive, responsive and helps your business grow.

Costs reduction

We have a proven track record of delivering value to enterprises with our legacy application modernization services. Our domain knowledge and custom project approach allows us to bring high-performance, scalability, security and digital transformation into outdated software thus helping clients save 75% on maintenance costs.

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Accelerate your legacy software modernization with Euristiq by your side.

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Shared risks

We share your project risks maintaining high-standard approaches in security, performance, scalability, availability and maintainability
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Euristiq has the highest “A” insurance coverage from companies recognized by A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings

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Our colleagues are our biggest strength
Co-founder, Pavlo Tkhir

“Innovate with cloud agnostic partner. Prioritize portability, consistent performance and cost-effectiveness”

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Modernize your mission-critical applications with a dedicated legacy software modernization company by your side.

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euristiq software development experts
euristiq software development experts

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Prioritize portability, cost-effectiveness, and consistent performance.

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Their work on the website contributed to performance improvements and boosted conversion and revenue rates.
Head of Development, Ryanair
Their ability to complete and manage the project efficiently was impressive.
Technology Manager, Novalume
Euristiq was an exceptional team to work with; they work hard and produce results.
Creative Content Manager, DMI
Their technical knowledge and willingness to take stuff on set them apart.
VP of Engineering, Octopus Group

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