Euristiq, a Ukrainian custom software development company, will be visiting clients, partners, and friends in Canada from February 27 to March 8.

We value our Canadian clients for their trust and all of the support we received from them during the years of our collaboration. Being Ukrainians, we also appreciate all the support that comes from Canada to our country. 

Having shared only positive experiences of working with our clients from Canada, we aim at expanding our Canada partnership network and portfolio with IoT cases from domains like real estate, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, and logistics.

Euristiq is a result-driven software development company. We meet the business requirements of our clients with custom end-to-end application development, IoT platforms, legacy modernization, and cloud solutions. We help businesses drive technical innovation, optimize, modernize, and digitalize for operational efficiency and increased revenue. Our result-oriented approach allows us to accurately estimate and develop end-to-end custom software solutions, giving our clients transparency and predictability during all development process. 

We pride ourselves on successful IoT cases we had the pleasure to work on and deliver to our clients. They include improving a smart city lighting solution that connects and collects data from 2M devices all over the world, expanding the abilities of client’s sports devices, creating a digital twin for warehouses that improves utility visibility and reduces resources consumption, monitoring and managing fleets using video telematics data and more. 

Let’s meet in Canada in February and March to discuss how we can help your business with market-ready digital products that we build faster than the industry average and with minimized risks.

Let's meet in Canada during February 27 - March 8

Book a time slot using website form or DM our CEO Ivan Muts via LinkedIn

  • Published February 06, 2023
  • Category News
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Project discovery for the business insurance in transportation & logistics
download case
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Project discovery for the business insurance in transportation & logistics
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