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Platform Development Services

Our experts provide tailored platform development services focused on high availability and scalability to help you get a customized solution faster and without breaking the bank. We will consider your specific business requirements, develop an entire ecosystem starting with an open architecture to let you run your applications smoothly, and reap the instant benefits the software platform services have to offer.
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Euristiq platform development services cover everything from digital consulting to complex integrations, helping you build a strong backbone for your operations.
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Digital consulting

Equip your business with a solid foundation for digital transformation
Equip your business with a solid foundation for digital transformation
  • Re-architecting to cloud-native
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Data integration
  • PaaS, SaaS, IaaS
  • DevOps services
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Platform development

Automate infrastructure operations, develop and launch products more efficiently
Automate infrastructure operations, develop and launch products more efficiently
  • IoT platforms
  • B2B and B2C platforms
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Digital experience platforms
  • Customer experience platforms
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Platform modernization

Modernize engineering platforms to accelerate application delivery
Modernize engineering platforms to accelerate application delivery
  • Cloud-native development
  • Re-architecting
  • Multi-cloud environment
  • Cross-platform development
  • Improving integrations
  • Security enhancement
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Our Expertise in Action

We are well-versed in creating custom software platforms for our clients that correspond to their business goals.
Real estate, Platform development

Matching sponsors, dept advisors, and lenders with real estate finance platform

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Custom software platforms

Our software platform development services combined with your ideas will grant you a system of high-class integrated solutions that your business deserves. Get modern digital product on your customers’ radar faster without exhausting your budget. From project discovery, UI/UX design, and development to release, we deliver projects of the highest quality therefore we guarantee 1 year warranty.
Avia, Legacy modernization

Sky-high performance for one of the largest Airline company

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SaaS platform development

With software as a service platform development, we cover all the components of an optimal solution starting with data storage and cloud selection to app development. Our SaaS platform solutions include easy to deploy integration with on-premises back-end systems and databases and we will also take care of the performance issues, providing high availability and consistent service of your system.
CyberSecurity, web engineering

Minimizing fraud with secure digital identity verification platform

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Cloud-based platform development

Protect your mission-critical applications with the reliability of cloud-native platforms. We can help you leverage containerized software for faster application delivery and take advantage of such techniques as PaaS, microservices, CI/CD, taking into account the individual needs of your business. Iterate and integrate more rapidly utilizing agile and scalable containers that cloud-native services offer.
More about cloud
Digital Twin, web engineering

Going from guesswork to precision with cloud data hub and software platform

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IoT application development

We help companies run more efficient cloud apps by increasing performance and availability. Achieve maximum visibility into the performance of cloud-powered applications with real time monitoring, proactively manage cloud infrastructures and resolve issues faster.
More about IoT
IoT ecosystem, web engineering

Building “plug and play” city lighting system for 2m connected devices

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API and integration

Achieve seamless communication with your digital platform services using API integration. Our team can help you build an API integration platform to connect your organization’s applications in the cloud, choosing the most suitable type of API integration for your business – open, third-party, or custom. Ensure faster data processing and connectivity between your devices and programs.

Co-create with

cloud agnostic experts

Prioritize portability, cost-effectiveness, and consistent performance.

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Platforms for software development

Custom solutions

We help companies from a wide range of industries launch their digital platforms and expand their services at different stages of their digital journeys.

Project discovery

Do you have a project in mind but don’t know where to start? The Discovery service bridges the gap between the project concept and its technical realization.

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project discovery service

Challenges we help to solve

Developing complex architectures and re-architecting existing systems for seamless integration
Simplifying application delivery for organizations and enabling faster innovation
Addressing scalability, performance and interoperability issues, and executing complex integrations
Optimizing the developer experience and delivering value to customers and business

Trusted cloud development company

Over the years we help our clients with cloud development services and consulting.

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digital transformation projects euristiq delivered

Why work with us

Streamline processes and innovate faster developing a digital platform with a trusted technology partner. Leverage our extensive experience to drive the maximum value for your business.

Businesses lacking the in-house technical expertise to bring their ideas to life can reduce their chances at digital transformation. We have excelled at building platforms with no analogs on the market under tight deadlines for our customers. Receive a customized platform tailored to your business needs starting with the Discovery phase, moving to MVP or PoC developed in a matter of weeks, and finishing with a ready-to-use platform.

We know exactly what you are expecting from a digital transformation for your business – an effective cost-efficient platform with data analytics, highly available and secure, ready to integrate with other internal or external systems. And we are willing to provide you with just that – and even more. One of our clients saves £400k a year by switching to a cloud software platform for automated document generation and management.

Upgrade your existing platforms due to the new customer demands: migrate to the cloud, integrate with other solutions, modernize functionalities, or improve performance and availability. We have performed all this for a variety of cases for our clients. Our teams have increased the performance and security of the IoT city lighting platform with 30K+ connected devices for one client and boosted the platform performance threefold for another.

On top of that, we provide advanced 24/7 platform support, covering maintenance issues to ensure your systems are up and running. We are ready to assist you with any additional guidance on how to operate your infrastructure in the cloud. We know how to keep your platforms highly available, reliable, and relevant to the current business needs. Protect your platforms from degradation and downtime without breaking your budget.