End-to-end development includes

We will take care of the software development project from start to finish, turning your requirements into an integrated fully working application.


The initial stage of our cooperation with the client, the main goal of which is to define the ultimate business need of our client, identify opportunities, and produce a high-level project description with an approximate time and cost estimate.


Our risk-free project discovery lays a solid groundwork for software development. We conduct a series of interviews and workshops with the client to specify the project, its scope, technical constraints and prepare a customized proposal.


The next stage in our end-to-end application development is a detailed technical estimation of the project delivery. We provide the client with a feature-based cost estimate that gives more business flexibility.


Project development is done in milestones and according to the project roadmap. Our internal Euristiq Code Framework enables us to kick off the project 2 weeks after the contract is signed and reduce time-to-market by 15-30%.

Change Management Process

Our end-to-end development process includes a Change Management mechanism our clients can use to suggest changes to the project scope. We evaluate the impact on the budget and the timeline and provide it to the client for approval.

Release and support

We ensure flawless application transition from Euristiq to the client including source code and documentation of all architecture components. Our end-to-end software development also includes a one-year guarantee after release.

How we work

Our approach ensures client involvement throughout the project development stages and keeps the team focused on delivering the highest-priority features first.

end to end software solutions
end to end app development

Key expertise

Select the most fitting software development service depending on your technology needs.

Cloud transformation

We build cloud-based software solutions from ideation through implementation to ensure you achieve the desired business outcomes.

Internet of Things

We create custom IoT applications from ideation, through UI/UX design services, and up to testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Fintech services

Software solutions for banking and financial services with predictable results every stage of the project and at a fixed cost.

Platform development

We offer custom software platform development services focused on high availability and scalability and deliver results within each milestone.

Performance and scalability

Our custom application development services on cloud platforms allow you to gain the high availability and scalability of your systems.

Legacy modernization

In close cooperation, we will determine how deep the transformation will penetrate your organization and plan all necessary measures.

Why end-to-end app development

We cover the full software development process for clients, turning their requirements into fully working applications on time and on budget.

Predictable price & timeline

We deliver end-to-end software solutions according to the agreed scope & budget, based on our feature-based estimate. During the development, we give the client transparency and influence to make changes to the project scope using Change Management Process.

Result-oriented process

With our approach we can start the project within 2 weeks after it is signed, deliver the first milestone within 1 month, and reduce time-to-market by 15-30%. The combination of Agile & Waterfall methodologies allows us to have strict deliverables and remain flexible.

Shared risks

Euristiq maintains high-standard approaches in security, performance, scalability, availability and maintainability. We sign a contract with our clients where we commit to delivering end-to-end software solutions of the highest quality on time and budget.

12 months warranty

We deliver software of the highest quality, therefore we guarantee one year of free bug fixing after the project release. The client owns the source code and IP rights. Project is well documented and Euristiq assists the client team in knowledge transferring if necessary.

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The Discovery service bridges the gap between the project concept and its technical realization. Our team will define tech requirements and costs.
Risk-free Discovery service for IT projects, Euristiq
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