Digital consulting services

Execute your digital transformation strategy flawlessly with emerging technologies and intelligent data management.

Future product discovery

Our project discovery service will help you pinpoint the technical vulnerabilities of existing systems or map out the digital transformation strategy for new products.

Cloud strategy

Addressing your most urgent concerns regarding cloud platforms, cloud migration, cloud computing, scalability, and how to make your systems available 24/7.

Resilient architecture

We assess the state of your IT capabilities or your current architecture to suggest the technologies or technological workarounds that will best suit your business needs.

Speed & performance

Test the speed and performance of your systems, and obtain a detailed analysis of the availability and scalability to prepare for digital acceleration with our digital consulting.

Integrations & tech mergers

Perform integrations of new applications with ease or integrate third-party systems with minimum disruptions to your IT infrastructure and processes.

Data strategy

Get a thorough assessment of your operating efficiency and receive a detailed report on how to improve performance and scalability to meet market demands.

Who is involved

With digital consulting workshops we will work together to achieve a mutual understanding of the product vision and define technical constraints which will help us map out digital transformation plan.

Discovery service by Euristiq - team overview
Team for the Discovery service by Euristiq

Leverage our advisory to

set clear goals that yield tangible results for your business growth.

Build digital platforms

With our digital consulting services gain insights on how to develop software platforms focused on high availability and scalability.

Transform with better design

Validate concepts starting with prototyping and achieve better product design with a focus on usability.

Innovate with future tech

With our digital consulting, we will analyze the best ways to reach your goals and recommend technologies to build your product on.

Modernize legacy software

Bring operational efficiency up to speed by modernizing your legacy systems with our digital transformation roadmap.

Optimize with IoT

We provide a detailed analysis of your IoT product idea, consult you regarding networks, and cloud connection.

Manage risks with NFR

Make sure your IT system’s architecture meets your demands to reliability, performance, scalability, and security.

Why work with us

Boost your business capabilities and build business solutions that deliver value with a trusted digital consulting firm.

Quick and efficient

Receive a thorough assessment of your IT systems or find out answers to your most pressing technical questions in a timely manner. Digital consulting services allow to address even the most time-sensitive requests and provide expert evaluation and opinion.

Strong domain expertise

Our experts possess cross-domain expertise supported by years of hands-on experience in software development. Save time and money by leveraging expert knowledge and advice from our digital consulting and advisory services for your business.

In-depth analysis

Our digital consulting experts will conduct a thorough study of your subject matter to get back to you with the actionable answers you are looking for. Our job is not just to highlight the problems you already suspect, but to suggest a tailored way to solve them.

Do you have a project in mind but don't know where to start?

The Discovery service bridges the gap between the project concept and its technical realization. Our team will define project requirements and costs.

Risk-free Discovery service for IT projects, Euristiq
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