IT Consulting Services

We help businesses to make emerging technology decisions with confidence.

Legacy Modernization

Outdated systems are incompatible with many modern technologies and as a result, it impedes innovation and further technological development. We can analyze your legacy systems and advise you on the modernization and incorporation of advanced tech.

Digital Transformation

Stop wondering whether your organization will benefit from migrating to cloud or building new software infrastructures. With our technical consulting you will be able to map out a digital transformation plan that is in line with your business goals.

Performance and Scalability

Many old high-load systems cannot cope with handling large volumes of data which hinders performance efficiency. Armed with expertise in assessing high-load systems, our consulting advisors will suggest solutions to meet the performance and scalability goals of your system.

Our Clients

We solve tough technical challenges for our clients. We provide tangible results for their digital transformation.

Consulting Approach

Equip your organization with technology consulting services to help you reach the business goals. Here are the stages of our collaboration:


Our IT consulting experts study your existing software solutions or conduct research of your ideas taking into account your legacy and future vision.


Taking into account risks, costs, and benefits, we deliver a strategy outlining the right technology stack, to help you achieve desired business outcomes.


Euristiq’s technology consulting advisors provide specialized expertise to help you develop and bring your idea to market faster.


Our CEO and CTO are involved to ensure service quality and effectiveness. We guarantee continuous development and ongoing support.

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