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Smart City Software Solutions

We build IoT solutions for smart cities that are easy to set up, integrate and manage. With us, you can build scalable and secure smart city software solutions including smart buildings, smart street lighting, traffic management, smart parking, public safety, and more.
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What we do

With high-performing teams and result-oriented processes, we enable modern IoT capabilities for electronics devices and help our client build innovative IoT solutions for smart cities.
Street lighting, web engineering

Changing the way to manage street light with easy-operating mobile app

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Smart energy

and street lighting

Smart lighting solutions for data collection, lighting scenarios management, and decreasing traffic congestion. Monitor and improve energy efficiency and increase public safety. Smart energy monitoring, smart street lighting, smart traffic lights, intelligent indore lighting, emergency escalation systems, city lighting infrastructure monitoring, and other smart cities solutions.
Public transport, app development

Public bike rental software with no analogs on the market

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Public transport

and traffic management

Intelligent transportation and traffic management technologies that reduce congestion, improve fuel efficiency, and increase safety, promoting environmental sustainability. Real-time traffic monitoring, fleet management, smart traffic lights, incident monitoring, smart parking, road conditions monitoring, predictive maintenance solutions.
IoT, web engineering

Road traffic monitoring system with automatic incident detection

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Public safety

IoT solutions for smart cities that monitor remote facilities in real-time, identify potential crime scenes, and enhance communication and information sharing during and after emergencies. City cameras and sensors, online access to public services, online city event maps, real-time traffic and crowd maps, smart alarm systems, response solutions, asset tracking systems.
Smart buildings, web engineering

IoT-based smart office solution for efficient workplace management

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Smart buildings

Smart building applications that monitor, control and streamline building operations while reducing energy and resources for maximized comfort and safety of its occupants. HVAC systems management, power & infrastructure monitoring, emergencies alarms & security monitoring, building systems automation, smart parking, office assets management.
Utility, web engineering

Changing the way to manage street light with easy-operating mobile app

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Utilities and waste management

Data-driven smart city solutions for accurate resource distribution, increased energy efficiency, advanced data metering, and optimized waste collection process. Smart meter networks, smart grid technologies, pipeline infrastructure monitoring, precise meter readings, IoT-powered waste management, environment monitoring systems.
IoT ecosystem, web engineering

Building “plug and play” energy management system for 2m connected devices

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Digital twins and ecosystems

We help hardware, electronics manufacturing and IT companies scale engineering capacity and deliver great software solutions for managing connected devices and complement their products: web applications, custom IoT cloud platforms, custom dashboards, mobile application, profound data collection and analytics.

What kind of projects

we build

Our clients

Over the years we help our clients build smart IoT applications of any scale and complexity.

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digital transformation projects euristiq delivered

IoT smart city software

solutions with Euristiq

Firmware Development for iot project lumintell by euristiq

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Build innovative smart city software

We help our clients build custom smart city software solutions of any scale and complexity – from simple PoCs to complex projects with millions of devices in use. We cover software development, backend architecture, and UX/UI for web, mobile, desktop applications, or any other IoT sensors and connected devices.

Connect smart city solutions

Get the best experience connecting your entire suite of smart city devices and sensors to collect, transport, and exchange data over the internet. We provide data connectivity services leveraging various communication network technologies, including ZigBee, BLE, Wi-Fi, LoraWAN, LoRa, Sigfox, and NFC.

Collect and analyze data

Capture more data from sensors and IoT devices in the cloud or on-premises, analyze it faster with predictive, spatial, streaming, or time-series analytics, and achieve actionable insights displayed in a preferable form of visualization. Strengthen your competitive advantage with the benefits IoT analytics has to offer.

Manage smart city solutions

Gain better control over your large number of connected IoT devices with remote tracking, monitoring, and management. Easily and securely monitor IoT assets, detect and troubleshoot problems, send automatic software and firmware updates all through the user-friendly smart city applications.

Enhance smart city solutions

Make the most of your IoT smart city solutions with improved operational performance, automated set-up process, and interactive interface. Go beyond simple charts for data visualization with custom-made dashboards for a seamless user experience that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Secure smart city solutions

We can help you protect your smart city solutions by securing your hardware, choosing secure protocols, testing your software, encrypting data transmission, enabling two-factor authentication, and more. Prevent a variety of attacks on systems and networks, and safeguard your critical data from breaches.

Why work with us


IoT center of excellence

Add custom IoT software development for your smart cities solutions. Here at Euristiq, we have delivered an extensive amount of various IoT projects – we have connected 2m devices at a city scale, developed end-to-end projects with no analogs on the market, and designed PoCs in the shortest periods of time.

Certified specialists

AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud – we can help you select and customize the most suitable IoT platform to your business needs for smart cities. We know all pros and cons of major IoT platforms and cloud solutions, and will help you choose the best option taking into account specific requirements, industry trends, and budgets.

Embedded expertise

Having worked closely with hardware, we know how to choose the best connectivity option and build any kind of software to make your smart cities solutions work to the fullest. Develop custom IoT solutions that are secure and easy-to-manage, collect and analyze data and make more data-driven decisions.

Flexible collaboration models

We develop custom IoT solutions for smart cities according to the project requirements, including working with hardware, networks, and data sets. Depending on the client’s desired level of involvement, we offer three flexible cooperation approaches – consulting, end-to-end app development, team extension.

Co-create with

result-oriented team

Partner with us to build great software solutions faster.

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euristiq software development experts
euristiq software development experts