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Cloud migration

Take the first step toward the digital transformation of your organization. Migrate all types of workloads, enterprise storage, legacy applications, and your organization’s data to a cloud infrastructure. We will help assess your current applications, identify technical gaps, determine your cloud strategy, and perform the transition. Our accumulated experience and best industry practices will help simplify and accelerate your migration process.

Cloud managed services

We provide cloud management support, helping organizations design, build, and manage cloud solutions, monitor and maintain a cloud environment. We will strengthen your organization’s cloud infrastructure, help manage computing, storage, network operations, improve security, simplify processes, and more. Focus on innovation by receiving technical support you need to automate and enhance your business operations.

Cloud-native development

Try out the new approach to building your software applications incorporating cloud-native architecture principles of serverless, microservices, and containers. We build cloud-native software solutions on all major platforms starting from ideation, all through implementation and management. Cloud-native apps will help you achieve greater agility, flexibility, improve speed, scalability, and reliability of your systems.

Cloud re-architecting

We can help you migrate your applications from monolithic to microservices architecture, achieve high performance, automate standard operations, manage and analyze big volumes of data with ease. Re-design the architecture to exploit the new capabilities of the application platform, reduce risks of interrupting business operations, improve security and higher availability, lower costs, and enjoy faster time-to-market.

Ready to boost the agility of your IT infrastructure via the Cloud?

Cloud Development
Case Studies

Cloud migration for one of the largest airline companies

A new version of the website for Europe’s largest airline that included cloud migration to AWS and implementation of micro front-end architecture. After our fruitful cooperation on this project, the client’s website performance and interoperability have significantly improved which correlates with the company’s financial growth.


Re-engineered airline’s legacy website has 3x improved performance after cloud migration and software re-engineering.

IoT cloud platform development for hardware manufacturer

A custom IoT Cloud Platform that provides a convenient way for the client to manage their customers, customer devices, installations, and other aspects of the hardware/software lifecycle. We reused AWS IoT functionality to reduce project cost and development time, and we used AWS Fargate to ensure the system’s scalability and cost-effectiveness.


Custom Cloud IoT platform for the specific devices manufactured by the client, ready for further use.

Cloud-based pre-construction budget estimating platform

For our client, a startup from the USA, we developed a new niche product for construction companies–a platform that gives users the ability to track construction project costs and view the impacts of certain decisions on the final budget estimation. We helped choose the best fitting cloud platform, and created performant and scalable AWS infrastructure.


A platform with a dynamic dashboard that combines all necessary features for construction budget planning and management.

Digital transformation and cloud migration for Fintech

We created a cloud-based automated system that uses the client’s internal company services for collecting and processing data thus introducing cloud acceleration and digital transformation to the enterprise. Our engineers developed a fully designed server architecture, reliable, highly scalable and maintainable.


Automated solution for a large investment company’s internal system that automatically generates and stores documents in the cloud and saves £400k per year

IoT smart city solutions built on Azure

We developed a scalable high-performance smart city lighting solution that collects and stores vast amounts of metric data in the cloud. The solution visualizes entire street light installations and monitors their operations. Many features are available at the click of a mouse, like real-time monitoring and performance reporting.


Smart city lighting platform with real-time monitoring and 30K+ connected devices on the city scale. Reduces maintenance costs and CO2 emissions by up to 75%.

Cloud-native self-service advertising platform

We have developed the front-end and back-end of a self-service advertising platform for Europe’s largest airline, and integrated it into the existing AWS infrastructure. The solution offers advertisers an opportunity to run highly targeted campaigns and bid on a primary space on passenger boarding passes.


Custom ad platform, integrated into the existing AWS infrastructure, that takes minutes to set up.

Technology Benefits of Cloud
Application Development with Us

AWS development

Accelerate your cloud application development with our AWS expertise, mitigate risks and improve operational agility. We can help you design, build, modernize and migrate software to serverless architecture introducing microservices, and operate complex AWS environments at scale.

Microsoft cloud development

Achieve greater scale, security, and high availability for your enterprise solutions by building on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We can help you architect, deploy and manage your apps, or modernize them to maximize performance, uptime and cost-effectiveness.

Google cloud development

We help companies manage and optimize their business operations with Google Cloud Platform services. Our experts will help you develop and deploy custom cloud applications, migrate your core workloads, modernize legacy apps, monitor and manage infrastructure, and reduce risks.

High-performance solutions

We help companies run more efficient cloud apps by increasing performance and availability. Achieve maximum visibility into the performance of cloud-powered applications with real time monitoring, proactively manage cloud infrastructures and resolve issues faster.

Solid cloud architecture expertise

Our experts follow the best practices in cloud architecture to develop high-performing apps. We can help you choose the best cloud architecture model—public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud—to ensure your organization gains real business value from cloud investment.

Result-oriented process

We will determine the best-fit cloud application development strategy for your business and organizational capabilities. Then we will design and implement cloud migration, hybrid or cloud-native development, and provide maintenance to help you get the most out of your cloud solutions.

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Our accumulated experience and best industry practices will help you incorporate cloud-native architecture principles of serverless, microservices, containers, and accelerate your cloud software development process. Focus on innovation by receiving the technical support you need to automate and enhance your business operations.

Business Cases We Solve with Our
Cloud Application Development

Move to cloud

We help businesses find the right cloud options for their workloads, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, map out cloud migration plan, and perform the transition smoothly and securely. Embrace the velocity of cloud migration with a trusted development partner.

Run the cloud

Achieve the full benefits of running the cloud by adopting the latest tech, optimizing data, performance, and consumption. Enable innovation, gain insights faster, strengthen your cloud infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency with a trusted third party developer.

Innovate in cloud

Achieve the full benefits of running the cloud by adopting the latest tech, optimizing data, performance, and consumption. Enable innovation, gain insights faster, strengthen your cloud infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency with a trusted third party developer.
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