Financial Software

Online banking

Offer more value to your clients with secure and user-friendly digital banking that solves their most pressing needs. We can help you build online banking systems or mobile banking apps that digitalize your services channeling the best cloud practices and implementing a microservices architecture for simple third-party integrations. Start bringing your finance software solutions to the next level today.

Digital payments

Our team can help you create online payment software solutions that are secure, resilient, and tailored to the needs of your business. Unlock new opportunities with digital wallets and online credit card payment solutions to drive additional revenue streams for your business. Enrich your wallet apps with new payment capabilities that will allow your customers to complete safe transactions.

Lending and alternative financing

Automate the key processes of the loan lifecycle with a digital lending system that is fast, scalable, and provides analytics. Euristiq team can help you develop trading platforms that support different payment systems, or lending marketplaces that offer new opportunities for borrowers and lenders. Beat your competition with lending solutions that offer a seamless digital experience for borrowers and automate loan management.

Investment management software

Investment management software that helps you manage investment portfolios, analyze risks, monitor fund performance, and track financial assets such as stocks, bonds, etc. Our fintech software development services include creating solutions that can help you or your clients track and analyze stock behavior, process real-time market data, generate reports, calculate risks, and receive custom alerts and notifications.

Data and analytics software

Build next-gen financial platforms that process data in real-time to drive better business decisions, detect fraud and increase security. The banking industry can leverage big data and ML-based analytics to collect insights about users and improve customer service providing highly personalized experiences. Create financial platforms channeling ML algorithms that can help you stand out from your competitors.

Financial planning software development

Develop custom financial planning systems that are scalable, with integrated CRM software and a set of features specific to the needs of your business. Financial systems we build from scratch in the cloud can help manage operations remotely, automatically calculate the influence of budget planning on profits, loss statements, balance sheets, and liquidity, and can streamline decision-making functions.

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Case Studies

Investment portfolio management software

Euristiq developed the functionality for an internal app for our client as a part of our collaboration on different software projects. An app is an intermediary for financial operations between the financial enterprise that collects all the data about investors and a third-party system that documents all transactions.


Financial system that manages profiles of over 63,000 investors and £10.6 billion funds.

Finance cloud platform for real estate startup

The client turned to Euristiq for a full-fledged solution that would match the property sponsors with lenders and help them make transactions online. We created an end-to-end cloud-based platform from scratch that automates the financing origination process for European commercial real estate assets.


Platform that streamlines commercial real estate financial processes and provides visibility to sponsors and lenders.

Blockchain-based platform with BankID technology

The client addressed the market demand for trusted digital identity services that could be used on a government level. Euristiq helped develop a blockchain-based digital identity platform that puts the end-user in control of their digital identity.


Digital identity platform that ensures digital credentials validity, reduces human error and increases efficiency.

Cloud storage solution for a large investment company

The client required a high-concurrent solution that automatically generates the company’s documents. We developed a digital solution introducing a reliable, highly scalable, and maintainable architecture. The solution is used by the client’s internal system to collect data from different sources and generate differently structured letters automatically.


A document generating solution saves nearly £400k a year.

Technology Benefits of Financial Software
Solutions with Euristiq

End-to-end financial software development

Custom financial software development for small and medium-sized businesses that provide banking and financial services. Our expertise in delivering turnkey end-to-end solutions from scratch will help you get your product to market faster. Transform your business with custom mobile banking, payment apps, lending, or financial planning software.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Scalable solutions that leverage distributed ledger technologies and utilize blockchain for additional transparency and a higher level of security. Blockchain-built solutions and apps will help you automate your operations, handle large amounts of data, implement cross-border payments, identity management, and cryptocurrency operations.

AI and ML

Create AI-powered financial solutions that combine machine learning technologies and data mining to analyze huge amounts of financial data to predict volatility, assess stock-related risks, and improve decision-making. Big data can help you future-proof your organization, automate operations and meet your consumer’s needs.

IoT expertise

Our strong IoT expertise can assist banks, financial institutions, or startups in implementing contactless payments, processing and encrypting payment information, detecting and preventing fraud, and gathering data to improve customer experience. We can help you use this technology for your competitive advantage.

Platform development

Unlock wider possibilities for your company with a finance digital platform that channels big data analytics to drive informed and calculated decisions. Leverage our financial platform development services to create a secure and scalable platform with cross-platform functionalities and integrated third-party solutions.

Security & compliance

Secure your digital assets, prevent penetration, malware, and data leaks with regular security risk assessments, efficient data protection strategy, and security testing. We can help you secure your digital assets, protect your business from cyberattacks, and develop secure software that meets security and financial regulatory requirements.

For Whom

Looking for the
right solution?

We cover digital platform development services for companies from a wide range of industries, at different stages of their digital journeys. We are well-versed in creating custom solutions for our clients that correspond to their business goals. Add an industry-specific focus to your platform development process.

Reasons to Choose Euristiq for
Your Next Fintech Project

Result-oriented process

Our end-to-end software development process starts with risk-free discovery and a detailed feature-based estimation we provide to our clients. Leverage our approach to software development to receive custom finance software solutions in time and within the agreed budget.

Center of tech excellence

Our experts have profound expertise in creating cloud software solutions, modernizing legacy applications, and developing platforms that are secure, scalable, high performing, and available 24/7. Let the best specialists in the industry handle your software development initiatives.

IoT expertise

Custom IoT solutions that we have built for our clients connect thousands of devices, and empower them with real-time data for more informed decisions. We will use our expertise to create powerful IoT solutions with no analogs on the market for your business.

Cross-industry domain knowledge

Our team of tech-savvy professionals leverages their engineering best practices from different domains to deliver industry-leading finance software solutions for your business. Develop your next software with a predictable timeline, budget, and final result.
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