Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT solutions (IIoT) add smart capabilities to the manufacturing process and connectivity to analog equipment. Gain near real-time visibility of your assets, collect and analyze data, benefit from predictive maintenance, improve uptime, eliminate waste, and lower operating costs.

How we work

End-to-end development

We cover full-cycle industrial internet of things software development delivering solid performance within each Sprint.

Team extension

We compose a team of the best talent and ensure timely software project delivery with a consistent level of quality.

Technology consulting

We are ready to validate your IIoT project idea and suggest the best technology stack and development strategy.

Industrial IoT
We Deliver

Equipment utilization monitoring

Maximize the utilization of your construction equipment & other assets with remote condition monitoring, detailed analytics, and diagnostics.

Industrial asset management

Maintain the visibility of your industrial assets, schedule and perform service maintenance to increase uptime, and optimize the supply chain.

Predictive maintenance

Improve the availability and performance of your industrial equipment identifying potential breakdowns and scheduling maintenance.

Inventory management

Tool tracking software solutions and inventory management solutions that reduce search time and ensure all critical items are always in stock.

Smart logistics

Implement industrial IoT solutions to add visibility into your supply chain processes and provide users of your services with more value.

Video surveillance

Combine video analytics and machine-learning algorithms to avoid costly disruptions, maximize asset efficiency, and optimize production.

Enable modern digital capabilities for Internet of Things industrial automation

Industrial IoT

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Technology Benefits of IIoT Solutions with Euristiq

Build smart IIoT solutions

Smart farming solutions offer a data-driven approach not only to soil and crop monitoring but also to raising livestock. IoT sensors connected to the equipment allow agriculture businesses to analyze collected data and optimize farming practices based on it. Custom farm management solutions provide deep insights that help optimize operations, maximize farm production, improve profitability and increase business growth.

Connect IIoT solutions

Bring machines, cloud computing, and analytics together introducing IIoT solutions to your organization. Equip your assets with reliable, high-performance, wireless connectivity that will turn them into sources of valuable data. Leverage acquired data to improve workforce productivity, decrease downtime, and optimize costs. Digitize processes with a trusted technology partner and start making data-driven decisions.

Collect data and analyze

Build industrial IoT solutions that put your data to work. Collect, store and analyze device data to improve the efficiency of your organization and ensure smooth manufacturing processes. We can help you create secure and scalable IIoT solutions that perform analytics in near real-time to detect deviations from the norm for predictive maintenance. Lower operational costs, speed time to market, and improve uptime.

Manage IIoT solutions

Harness the power of connected devices to transform your organization. Find a better way to track, monitor, and manage your equipment with IIoT solutions. Obtain access to your data in a visualized dashboards, and manage operations in an app, tailored to your specific business needs. Achieve real-time visibility of your assets, identify malfunctions before they happen, and send automatic updates remotely.

Enhance IIoT solutions

Accelerate transformation into a digital, future-ready organization modernizing your legacy infrastructure. We can help you with cloud migration, sensor connectivity, data capturing, analyzing, and visualizing. Add custom features to your industrial Internet of Things solutions to improve product quality, reduce expenses and operational costs, minimize downtime, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Secure IIoT solutions

Keep your IIoT data and devices protected with secure, integrated solutions. Monitor for malicious behavior and implement security standards to protect data, cloud, and network. Our experts can provide the safe and correct operation of all your industrial internet of things solutions, ensure the hardware platform’s integrity, enable multi-factor device authentication, and secure your data both at rest and in motion.

Reasons to Choose Euristiq for Your IIoT Project

IoT technology center of excellence

Our Industrial IoT development team is well-versed in creating custom IoT solutions, PoCs, and projects with no analogs on the market. We can help you automate your manufacturing processes, gain real-time visibility, and increase operational efficiency.

Multi-cloud & IoT platform expertise

We are helping organizations accelerate their cloud migration by adopting the best platform for their needs – AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Partner with us to develop IIoT solutions that can improve your organization’s efficiency, agility, and security.

Embedded expertise & deviсe-focused solutions

Leverage our profound embedded expertise to connect your devices and put them to work. We can help you find the best connectivity option, collect and analyze data, and receive insights for your business through customized user-friendly dashboards.

Flexible collaboration models

Euristiq helps customers from non-digital industries achieve their business goals with IIoT solutions. Our customers are free to select the most suitable collaboration model for their IT project – consulting, end-to-end app development, or team extension.

Let's work together.

Technology Manager

Zigbee Product Developer, Smart City Lighting Solutions

Their ability to complete and manage the project efficiently was impressive. The web app development fulfilled requirements and was completed on time.

The Euristiq team was an effective partner and willing to put in extra work to deliver a strong product.