IoT Asset Tracking

Custom IoT asset management solutions

Build tailored IoT asset management software of any scale and complexity from MVP to complex digital tracking systems. We can help you develop a solution that will monitor, manage and troubleshoot your most valuable assets, record history, and include other custom features important to your business.

Asset tracking for logistics

Get more out of your vehicles with asset tracking solutions. Receive reliable location data 24/7 to keep your shipments safe, optimize fleet efficiency, and improve on-time delivery. We can tailor your asset tracking solutions to provide regular updates for your customers thus improving user experience.

Asset tracking for constructions

Keep your construction equipment connected to gain full visibility of your high-value assets and tools. Track and manage equipment to eliminate loss, theft, and unauthorized use. We also help our clients enable remote diagnostics which helps improve uptime by sending alerts before maintenance is needed.

Asset tracking for hospitals

Increase accessibility to your medical equipment and supplies with remote tracking and monitoring. Real-time visibility of your critical medical devices improves utilization rates, staff communication, and patient care. Troubleshoot devices remotely to prevent malfunctions with IoT asset tracking solutions.

Ready to connect your most valuable assets to improve utilization rates and save costs?

Asset Tracking Case Studies

Smart bike rental system with asset tracking

A Danish electric bike rental provider approached Euristiq with an idea to develop a smart bike-sharing solution with GPS asset tracking. Time to market was critical. The system has a scalable architecture designed from scratch and provides easy management of electric bicycles.


A fully implemented solution, now more than 2 years in production with 200K+ app users and 1.5M+ trips taken.

Mobile application for IoT asset management

An international company that develops and manufactures advanced energy-efficient LED lighting solutions engaged us to create an app for IoT asset management and visualization.


The IoT asset tracking app enables on-the-go access to the smart city system, controls configurations of street light installations, and monitors their operations.

IoT-powered smart office facility solution

A Canadian provider of best-in-class IoT gateways sensors engaged Euristiq for the development of a smart office tracking solution. It is integrated with the LoRaWAN IoT gateways and sensors.


An IoT solution that tracks meeting room occupancy, displays it in user-friendly dashboards and synchronizes with Google and Outlook calendars.

Utility management and asset tracking solution

Our team developed a novel, integrated management system that integrates with the utility company’s existing IT platform, databases and operating systems, and collects data from different sources in a utility network. The solution monitors conditions and performance of the assets online, identifying areas for maintenance work and improvement.


The system contributes to more than x10 decrease in time for troubleshooting and reduces operating costs by 15%.

Technology Benefits of IoT Asset
Tracking Solutions with Euristiq

Build asset tracking solutions

Asset tracking solutions offer asset-rich businesses the opportunity to manage their equipment, tools, and devices more effectively. We can help you choose the most suitable asset tracking technology, set up the cloud environment, and ensure accurate performance data collecting and asset management. Asset tracking solutions can help you easily locate your assets, identify maintenance needs, send software and firmware updates remotely, increase efficient asset utilization and ultimately reduce costs.

Connect asset tracking systems

Achieve seamless connectivity of your critical assets leveraging cellular IoT wireless network technology and stay in the know where your critical assets are 24/7. Collect insightful data on asset conditions, receive alerts and notifications, enable device communication to ensure faster repairs and decreased downtime. We can help you choose appropriate tracking and cloud technologies for your connected assets and set up the entire asset tracking system with web and mobile apps, and dynamic dashboards.

Collect and analyze data

Asset tracking solutions help businesses capture high volumes of real-time data which can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions. Collect secure and accurate data about assets locations, conditions, physical attributes, and draw insights from automated reports. Businesses can analyze utilization rates of their equipment, identify underused assets, implement new services and avoid unnecessary expenses on replacements. Detecting unusual activity, asset tracking systems can send alerts to employees.

Manage asset tracking systems

Save time and increase the productivity of your organization by implementing a cloud-based asset tracking system. Take better control of your assets: track multiple units simultaneously, manage software and security updates remotely, identify faults, predict and schedule maintenance. We can develop customized dashboards according to your requirements that will contain all asset details important for you to achieve the desired level of transparency and improved asset utilization.

Enhance asset tracking solutions

Get the most out of your asset tracking solutions by improving their performance, adding new features, or changing the solution type according to your needs. Equipment-heavy industries can make use of digital twins for asset management to detect problem areas. But regardless of the industry you are in, we can help improve your asset tracking system to be more effective in location tracking, condition monitoring, predictive forecasting, budgeting for asset replacement, and capturing asset repair history

Secure asset tracking systems

Connected devices and expensive equipment that send and receive data remotely require a significant level of security. We will detect vulnerabilities in your asset tracking system to protect your high-value assets and ensure that the critical data is kept secret. Using such security measures as end-to-end data encryption, secure digital authentication, sending over-the-air updates, and network segmentation, we are protecting all elements of asset tracking systems such as hardware, software, and data.

IoT Network Agnostic Company

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Reasons to Choose Euristiq for
Your IoT Asset Tracking Project

IoT technology center of excellence

We help our clients build custom IoT software for multiple connected devices, develop smart city solutions, asset tracking solutions, as well as end-to-end projects with no analogs on the market, and PoCs under tight deadlines. Our experts will go above and beyond to solve your critical issues and generate real business value.

Multi-cloud & IoT platform expertise

Connect your assets to monitor them 24/7. We work with all major cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – to give our customers the availability, efficiency, agility, and security they require. We can help you accelerate your cloud journey, build infrastructures, process cloud computing or migrate with ease.

Embedded expertise & deviсe-focused solutions

We can help choose the best connectivity option for your devices and build the right kind of software that solves your business issues. Our custom IoT solutions help our clients to easily track and manage their assets, collect and analyze data, and form visualized analytics. Unlock data-driven insights for more informed decisions.

Flexible collaboration models

However complex a software solution may be, we organize our development process in a way that ensures our clients are as much involved as they prefer to be. For the convenience of our clients, we offer three flexible cooperation models to choose from: consulting, end-to-end app services, and team extension.
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