Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services

Expand the possibilities of your organization by adding agility and more control over processes and equipment with IoT development. Incorporate smart connectivity and data-driven solutions for your products in transportation, logistics, real estate, retail, or any other industry.

Our IoT Expertise

Smart City Solutions

Scalable IoT solutions for smart cities that improve street lighting, urban mobility, waste management, public safety.

Asset Tracking

IoT software development for automated and connected asset tracking in logistics, construction, hospitals, farming and more.

Industrial IoT

Enable smart manufacturing with condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote asset management, and more.

Consumer IoT

Customized IoT software development for connected cars, wearable devices, smart homes, and smart buildings.

IoT Software

Complex IoT software development

We create end-to-end IoT solutions from applications with real-time data collection to complex systems with millions of connected devices in use.

IoT data management & analytics

Get a custom IoT system connected to the cloud that accumulates real-time data, analyzes it generating actionable insights.

IoT software enhancement

We can re-platform, rearchitect or restructure your IoT application, optimizing them for recurring revenue opportunities.

IoT integration

Seamlessly integrate your device data with applications, cloud services, and systems building an end-to-end IoT business solution.

User app development

Examine the data collected by your connected devices and sensors to make smart decisions and control your IoT system on-the-go.

IoT consulting

We can help you solve the most challenging problems for your business, finding the best technological opportunities for your digital strategy.

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IoT Software Development Projects and Applications

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Technology Benefits of the IoT Development with Euristiq


Protect your mission-critical applications, connected devices, and the data they generate from cyber threats and vulnerabilities with our IoT security services. To enable a trusted IoT development and a reliable infrastructure, embed security from the beginning.


Make your core IoT system’s functionality available without interruptions, eliminate or reduce downtime and predict failures. Boost the reliability with remote monitoring, equipment operability assessment, scheduled maintenance and issue notifications.


We specialize in creating complex high-performance IoT applications. Our experts can identify bottlenecks in your systems to improve operational efficiency and meet your performance goals. Build IoT solutions that are optimized, efficient, and reliable.


IoT software should be safe, secure, maintainable and fast to develop in order to meet continuously changing business requirements. We can help you achieve maintainability by redesigning your platform’s architecture and refactoring code.


Scalability is one of the most important features of IoT software projects, especially the one with thousands of connected devices. To improve flexibility and scalability we can help seamlessly migrate your solution to the cloud or re-engineer its architecture.


Usable and coherent IoT solutions are created with a deep understanding of how they are used even though they might not be visible to end-users. Our UX experts ensure a functional interface and a user-friendly experience of each IoT software application.

Industries We Work With

Energy & Utilities

IoT solutions with real-time monitoring that reduce energy consumption, streamline management and save costs for smart cities and enterprises.

Electronics Manufacturing

Add connectivity and new features to wearables, cars, and other consumer devices leveraging our IoT software development experience.


Unlock new business opportunities capitalizing on your IoT strategy; explore what IoT can do for telcos with custom platforms, solutions, and apps.

Transportation & Logistics

Future-ready logistics services with IoT applications for supply chain monitoring, vehicle tracking, inventory management, processes automation.

Sport & Fitness

Build end-to-end IoT solutions that help boost athletes’ performance, and create a better spectating experience for sports fans.

Smart Retail

Transform your retail business with secure IoT solutions that will help you better reach your customers and build long-lasting relationships with them.

Real Estate

Introduce custom IoT solutions to create smart, connected spaces that utilize real-time data bringing flexibility to facility management.


Enable smart farming IoT solutions for effective field operations, planning, resources optimization, and asset tracking.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Build end-to-end solutions for connected medical devices and healthcare facilities with a trusted IoT software development partner.

Looking for the right IoT solution?

We provide custom IoT development services for enterprises and innovative startups ranging from web/mobile apps and embedded solutions to complex IoT platforms with advanced analytics. We serve various industries customizing IoT solutions to the specific needs of each. Choose a reliable IoT software development partner to adapt and innovate.

Reasons to Choose Euristiq as Your IoT Development Vendor

IoT technology center of excellence

Having custom IoT software development as our core competence, we can generate out-of-the-box solutions for your particular business problems. We have delivered an extensive amount of various IoT projects: for 2m of connected devices, as well as projects with no analogs on the market, and PoCs in a short period of time.

Multi-cloud & IoT platform expertise

As our cloud experience covers AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and custom platforms, we can help you choose the most fitting option. Knowing all pros and cons of IoT platforms and cloud solutions we will select the best combination taking into consideration your specific requirements, industry trends, and budgets.

Cross-industry domain knowledge

Our cross-industry domain expertise will help you build smart IoT solutions at scale creating inspiring experiences for users. We are a team of tech-savvy professionals who constantly improve our domain knowledge to work with you from ideation to design, development, 24/7 maintenance and support of the final product.

Embedded development expertise

We can translate specific hardware requirements into custom software solutions, finding the best-suited connectivity option for client’s devices and sensors. We help our clients build stellar industry-specific IoT software with secure and easy-to-manage data sets. Make your business decisions more data-driven with Euristiq.

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Technology Manager

Zigbee Product Developer, Smart City Lighting Solutions

Their ability to complete and manage the project efficiently was impressive. The web app development fulfilled requirements and was completed on time.

The Euristiq team was an effective partner and willing to put in extra work to deliver a strong product.